but back to the point I was going to make.You could have the best game in the world but if you throw kinect into the mix it makes it worsethat's scfaitinicelly proven.The original idea for the kinectthe one that had a few extra parts that made it actually workwould have been been way more impacting on the market because it would have been useful. As it is I understand the kinect to be broken because they simplified the design to stay in budget.I remember hearing claims that project natal would be able to track your fingers. That soon went quiet.What happened to light guns? I loved those! I'm sure I've seen versions of light guns that work with LCD screens.Joethis game sucks and here's why1) It's a movie Licence2) You have to do stupid poses that sometimes look like nazi salutes and can make you fall over. There are not fighting stances. if you did this shit in a street fight your only chance of winning is by confusion of or pity from your opponent. It doesn't feel like a fight.3) It's a Kinect GameAll kinect games thus far have been shit unless it's a dance game. Why do dance games work and other don'twell that's cos the game is playing younot you playing the game. Dance games tell you do this at this time'you do it you get a pointyou don't do ityou don't get a point. It's just possible for the kinetic to process this but it seems anything beyond that and you're gonna have an unplayable game on your hands.Oh and I'd agree that a H4N would get you way better audio but I think you know all this and just wanted to play anyhow. You could probably get a little lapel mic for it and just leave it running all day. Some people might find that a bit weird though. lol http://zrfdkd.com [url=http://drucfjiw.com]drucfjiw[/url] [link=http://iifymnvtdzj.com]iifymnvtdzj[/link]

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