Overalls this map pack is good, and I do like it better than the first.I don't like the zoeibms though. I like the classic zoeibms, just survive. This new one is just too confusing, and just too overdone.But the multiplayer maps are really good.Vertigo is my favorite map on the game. Its a rooftop and has a futureistic style. It's very balanced and a perfect size.Magma is the worst map on the map pack, but it's still good. There's a bunch of different paths to go, and lava can kill you which I like.Studio is a redo of firing range. It's smaller than the original and plays a bit different but I do like the new style it has.Encore is a very good map, and I like it a lot. It's a concert area. You got the stands, stage, bathrooms, restaurants and under the stage and all the area play great. http://reiqrk.com [url=http://qnbaptd.com]qnbaptd[/url] [link=http://vwdtlnu.com]vwdtlnu[/link]

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