Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Game Time

★国内未発売 北米のみ

Golden AppleWin $1,000,000 in Homeroom mode (local game only)25
Straight A'sPlay a perfect game in Homeroom (Win $1 Million with an A+ and no cheats)50
5 Question StreakCorrectly answer 5 questions in a row (Xbox LIVE only)10
15 Question StreakCorrectly answer 15 questions in a row (Xbox LIVE only)30
25 Question StreakCorrectly answer 25 questions in a row (Xbox LIVE only)60
50 Question StreakCorrectly answer 50 questions in a row (Xbox LIVE only)100
Teacher's PetEarn a total of 25 points across all Extra Credit games played25
Walking EncyclopediaAnswer 6,000 questions correctly100
Know-It-AllAnswer 1,000 questions correctly50
Bronze Backpack$5,000,000 total winnings10
Silver Lunchbox$10,000,000 total winnings20
Gold Ruler$25,000,000 total winnings30
Platinum Protractor$50,000,000 total winnings50
Graduation CapComplete 12th grade50
Copper Bookworm$1,000,000 in Showdown spelling games25
Number Cruncher$1,000,000 in Showdown math games25
Clean SweeperCorrectly answer one question from all categories10
Porcelain Lab RatCorrectly answer 100 Science questions (all variations)20
Crystal SundialCorrectly answer 100 History questions (all variations)20
Extra-Sharp PencilPlay 100 complete games (combined)10
Ruby AppleWin $1,000,000 in Homeroom (Xbox LIVE only)25
Brass BellWin one Xbox LIVE game (any non-Homeroom mode)10
Head of the ClassWin an Xbox LIVE match consisting of 4 players (any mode)10
Academic BarbarianWin one game in each mode over Xbox LIVE20
Honor SocietyWin 25 Xbox LIVE games (combined)25
Class PresidentWin 50 Xbox LIVE games (combined)50
Teacher$1 million total winnings on Xbox LIVE20
Assistant Principal$5 million total winnings on Xbox LIVE30
Principal$10 million total winnings on Xbox LIVE40
Superintendent$25 million total winnings on Xbox LIVE50

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