Bakugan : DOTC



公開実績 630G

Wet FeetFollow Dan's instructions.10
First EncounterSave Dan and Marucho.10
One down…Destroy a Vexos crystal in Story Mode.20
IllusionistBuild a hologram tower.10
Hologram tycoonBuild a hologram tower of each attribute.30
CollectorEarn 100,000 in core energy.30
Treasure HunterGet ten items from item boxes.10
Good aimThrow your Bakugan to get an item.10
D-FenceDeflect an opponent's physical attack 5 times in a single battle.10
Denied!Do ten combo breakers in a single battle.10
UntouchableDo ten perfect combo breakers in a single battle.20
Black beltDo all combos on a Bakugan's Combo List in a single battle.30
Grand masterDo twenty or more hits in a single combo.30
Power hungryPick up all three power-up types in a single battle.20
Gate Card setOpen each type of Gate card at least once.30
B StudentGet B rank or higher in six Story Mode battles.20
Honor rollGet A rank or higher in twelve Story Mode battles.30
PerfectionGet S rank in every Story Mode battle.50
1-UpPurchase an upgrade for a Bakugan.20
Six-packPurchase all upgrades for six different Bakugan.30
Long hard roadPurchase all upgrades for all Bakugan.50
Duel masterWin five duels against the CPU in Battle Arena Mode.10
One man armyObtain 250 or more points in a Battle Arena Free For All.10
Wrecking ballObtain 500 or more points in a Battle Arena Destruction Battle.10
Champion!Win 30 times against the CPU in Battle Arena Mode.30
So many choicesUnlock every Bakugan in the game.30
Full deckGet every Ability card in the game.30
Go figureCollect every metal figure in the game.30

秘密の実績 370G

KidnappedSaved Elfin From Shadow20
Mr. CrazypantsInvented Holograms towers and used them to beat the Vexos20
DistrustJoined forces with Ace20
Mr. Hotshot HimselfSaved Percival From Volt20
Master BaronSaved Ingram and Nemus from Lync20
MisunderstandingDidn't get fooled by Mylene's tricks20
Don't Cross DragoStopped the kidnappers and got Wilda back.30
Unnatural DisaterDefeated Lync and stopped the earthquakes.20
Digging in the right placeGot to Abyss before the Vexos.20
Spec-DahDefeated your ultimate foe and paid the ultimate price.20
A reason to fightDefeated Spectra's right-hand man.20
There's no I in teamDefeated Volt and Lync at the same time.20
FriendshipDefeated Mylene and Shadow at the same time.20
Into the lion's denFound a way into Vexos Headquarters.20
ReunitedRescued your friend at any cost.30
Defender of the coreDefeated Spectra and stopped his evil plans.50
  • Perfection
    1周目での解除は困難,1周クリア後であればMaxus Dragoniodが最初から使用可能な状態で
    コンボ数はMaxus DragoniodのBボタンでの溜め攻撃で最大21ヒット稼げるためSランクも容易.
  • Long hard road
    最終ステージから1つ前の対drago戦で自キャラをMaxus Dragoniodにして開幕から適度に距離を詰めながら
  • Gate Card set
  • Black belt

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