PEGS!Found all 28 hidden pegs.15
Down But Not Out!Recovered 5 ships.15
Rain of FireDowned 200 enemies with artillery support calls.50
IowaDestroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS Missouri.30
TiconderogaDestroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS Yukon.30
Los AngelesDestroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS Laredo.30
Arleigh BurkeDestroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS John Quincy Adams.30
Oliver Hazard PerryDestroyed 10 enemy ships with the USS Chesapeake.30
Fire in the Hole!Downed 40 enemies with Grenades.15
High VelocityDowned 40 enemies with the Alien Railgun.30
Up Close and PersonalDowned 40 enemies with the Shotgun.30
Sharp ShooterDowned 40 enemies with the Carbine.30
LawnmowerDowned 40 enemies with the KRAW.30
Quick DrawDowned 40 enemies with the Pistol.30
Fish In A BarrelDowned 40 enemies that are stunned by the LRAD.30
Locked and LoadedFully outfitted a ship with the maximum number of Wild cards available.20
Officer of the DeckDefeated 40 enemy vessels in Ship Control gameplay.20
E.O.D.Disarmed or planted 20 charges.15
Bombs away!Downed 5 enemies with one support call.15
Extra CreditDowned 3 or more enemies with one shot from the Railgun.15
Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight?Downed a Thug with the pistol.10
Incoming!Used your first support call.10
Navy CrossCompleted the game on Admiral Difficulty.100
Navy Distinguished ServiceCompleted the game on Captain Difficulty or higher.60
Earth's HeroCompleted the game on any Difficulty.60
Welcome to the IslandsCompleted "The Arrival" on any Difficulty.30
The DomeCompleted "Construction" on any Difficulty.30
InfestationCompleted "Overrun" on any Difficulty.30
Mighty MoCompleted "The Big Guns" on any Difficulty.30
No Man Left BehindCompleted "They're Back!" on any Difficulty.40
EscortCompleted "Retaliation" on any Difficulty.40
The Bigger They Are...Completed "End Game" on any Difficulty.40
Naval MasteryOccupied all support positions in "Overrun".10



・Naval Mastery

・Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight?

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