Ben 10: Omniverse 2



Marathon ManRun 42,195 meters50
BreakoutSmash 25 Breakable Walls10
Wrecking CrewSmash 75 Breakable Walls20
Smash and GrabSmash 150 Breakable Walls30
LeapfrogLeap over 25 Jumpable Walls10
Jump, JumpLeap over 75 Jumpable Walls20
Spring ShoesLeap over 150 Jumpable Walls30
Fastball SpecialDetonate 25 Explosive Walls with a projectile10
SharpshooterDetonate 75 Explosive Walls with a projectile20
Bullseye!Detonate 150 Explosive Walls with a projectile30
Long JumpJump over 20 pits10
More Power!Collect 1,000 Omnitrix Energy Orbs30
You Break it, You Bought it!Break 100 Omnitrix Energy containers30
Learned ScholarComplete the Tutorial Level10
Lack of CommunicationComplete Level 130
Incursean IncursionComplete Level 230
New Kid on the BlockComplete Level 330
Underground SceneComplete Level 430
Infiltrate ExterminateComplete Level 530
Outta There!Complete Level 630
All In a Day's WorkComplete the game50
Check Out These PythonsCollect both of Four Arm's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
You're On Fire!Collect both of Swampfire's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
How I RollCollect both of Cannonbolt's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
Super-ChirpCollect both of Crashhopper's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
Speedy RecoveryCollect both of XLR8's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
I'm Cool Like ThatCollect both of Big Chill's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
Tastes Like ChickenCollect both of Bullfrag's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
Block PartyCollect both of Bloxx's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
Wing and a PrayerCollect both of Astrodactyl's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
Newtonian AlienCollect both of Gravattack's Upgrade Tokens in Single Player25
Not Just Another ToadieDefeat 25 Toad Battlers15
Flame RetardantDefeat 25 Fire Infantry15
Lillypad ShootoutDefeat 25 Toad Assault Mercs15
Kill You LastDefeat 25 Commandos15
Frozen AssetsDefeat 25 Ice Infantry15
Do You Even Lift?Defeat 25 Powerlifters15
Tank SpankerDefeat 25 Toad Tank Mechs15
Bad Case of GasDefeat 25 Gas Infantry15
Challenge AcceptedCollect all the Arena Challenge Tokens20
Can't We All Just Get Along?Defeat all Arena Challenges30
Return To SenderUse the "Return to Azmuth" option in the Pause Menu5
I'm Not Dead Yet!Change from Ben back into an Alien Form without dying15
HeroComplete the game on Hero Difficulty20

難易度実績があるが、Heroでも難しくない。ただ、Big Chillを入手するまでは凍結攻撃にイラつくかもしれない。

You Break it, You Bought it!


Can't We All Just Get Along?

ただ、凍結攻撃がウザいので、凍結攻撃を無効化するBig Chillも入れておくとよい。

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