Hi Jesus,I can hear the metallic sqratkuaetlebump rolling of that weather-worn Great point (well, points) about the Smarter Cart. If marketers want us to buy, buy, buy, this may be one way to do it! I'm working on pitching the Costco account right now, and based on members' responses, this type of technology will change the way people shop, but how (do they buy more products or less from the main store?)? I don't know how they will be stored, but they'd have to be stored inside or perhaps outside and the scanner is outfitted for customers as they walk in the store.Yep, I agree with you on the advertisers' outlook this could be quite a game-changer with regard to the shopping experience. Hang on to your wallet!(that is, unless your atm number is already registered with them -in that case, enjoy the ride and bon voyage!)thx. http://rfcetftnen.com [url=http://wxohtnj.com]wxohtnj[/url] [link=http://mppmbcw.com]mppmbcw[/link]

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