Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 2010



GreenhornComplete the first hunt5
FishermanComplete the first fishing challenge5
Call NoviceMake 1 good call5
Tracking NoviceExamine 1 animal mark5
Casting NoviceMake 1 good cast5
Shotgun MasteryHunt 20 birds using the shotgun10
Kansas HunterComplete Kansas region10
Idaho HunterComplete Idaho region10
British Columbia HunterComplete British Columbia region10
Alaska HunterComplete Alaska region10
Merciful HunterHunt 5 Big Game Animals using one shot per animal10
Rifle MasteryHunt 10 Big Game Animals using the rifle20
Pheasant HunterComplete all Pheasant hunts20
Moose Trophy HunterHunt 1 Moose in Trophy Chase mode25
Call ExpertMake 5 good calls20
Efficient HunterHunt 10 Big Game Animals using one shot per animal20
Turkey HunterComplete all Turkey hunts25
Tracking ExpertExamine 5 animal marks25
Casting ExpertMake 5 good casts20
Handgun MasteryHunt 5 Big Game Animals using the handgun25
Whitetail Trophy HunterHunt 1 Whitetail Deer in Trophy Chase mode25
Blacktail Trophy HunterHunt 1 Columbian Blacktail Deer in Trophy Chase mode25
Coues Trophy HunterHunt 1 Coues Deer in Trophy Chase mode25
Sitka Blacktail Trophy HunterHunt 1 Sitka Blacktail Deer in Trophy Chase mode25
Mule Deer Trophy HunterHunt 1 Rocky Mountain Mule Deer in Trophy Chase mode25
Elk Trophy HunterHunt 1 Elk in Trophy Chase mode25
Mountain Goat Trophy HunterHunt 1 Mountain Goat in Trophy Chase mode25
Caribou Trophy HunterHunt 1 Caribou in Trophy Chase mode25
Pronghorn Antelope Trophy HunterHunt 1 Pronghorn Antelope in Trophy Chase mode25
Bighorn Sheep Trophy HunterHunt 1 Desert Bighorn Sheep in Trophy Chase mode25
MarksmanHunt 20 Big Game Animals using one shot per animal35
Call MasterMake 20 good calls35
Tracking MasterExamine 10 animal marks35
Notorious HunterComplete all optional hunts within at least one region35
Casting MasterMake 20 good casts35
IntegrityHunt 10 trophies with 100% trophy integrity in Trophy Chase mode35
Opportunistic HunterExplore and complete all the opportunity hunts35
Bow MasteryHunt 5 animals using the bow35
Gun CollectorHunt an animal using each firearm35
Old School HunterHunt 10 Big Game Animals using iron sights50
Quick HunterHunt 10 animals from the hip50
Trophy SeekerGather 200 Trophy Points50

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