Chaotic: Shadow Warriors


Finished the gameFinish the game's Story Mode125
Novice Creature collectorAdd 10 new different Creatures to the Creature Pool25
Professional Creature collectorAdd 25 new different Creatures to the Creature Pool50
Master Creature collectorAdd all the different Creatures in the game to the Creature Pool125
Mommark's ApprenticeRefine at least 25 Creatures50
Novice Battlegear collectorFind 10 different Battlegear items50
Master Battlegear collectorFind all the different Battlegear items in the game125
Novice Mugic collectorFind 15 different Mugic spells25
Master Mugic collectorFind all the different Mugic spells in the game75
Chaotic Multiplayer ApprenticeWin 20 Ranked Matches20
Chaotic Multiplayer MasterWin 50 Ranked Matches50
Attack MasterMake 25 fully successful bonus Attacks during Story Mode battles25
Blocking MasterMake 25 fully successful blocks during Story Mode battles25
Master Creature scannerScan 20 Creatures in battle20
Novice Creature scannerScan 5 Creatures in battle10


Found MaxxorFound Maxxor in Gigantempopolis50
Into the Gothos TowerFound the way into the Gothos Tower50
Defeated Shadow TakinomDefeated the Shadow Takinom army in Fear Valley50
The Break OutFound a way out of the Prison Cell in Mount Pillar50

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