1. More realism in AI's trasefnrs in Manager mode. Improve their intelligence so they would buy players they actually need and also, decide not to sell their key players for all the money in the world.2. More tactical flexibility. Try and give very team different style. For example; a team can start with a very high pressing from the beginning of the match, not only in the last 5-10 minutes if they're losing. Different moves from players with different tactics and formations. More runs being made by fullbacks behind the defence etc..3. Big vs small For me, it is unrealistic that for example Chievo attack Juventus from the kick-off, or Getafe vs Barcelona, etc Give the AI that sense of respect for the bigger team, let them park the bus, play on counter attacks etc..4. Improve AI's and users defence. Players tend to drop out too much, especially when AI is chasing the result in the final minutes. It is almost certain that I will score at least one goal on the counter EVERY time. Also, when I pass the ball to my striker, who is facing the opponents goal with his back and has the opposition defender on his back I can always dribble him just by moving the ball to side and facing the goal right away, EVERY time. Improve those reactions.5. Improve reactions of opposition players when I dribble past them. They almost don't even try to get the ball back, just running lighter behind my player. Make them more persistent.6. Improve referees. Especially when it comes to penalties. They give the call for penalty too easy even if the tackle is completely clear, especially sliding tackles.7. Reduce the number of handballs. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing handball instead of soccer.8. Reduce the number of chip shots or Panenka shots from the penalty spot. In real life we see that move very rarely but in FIFA 13 it is a common thing; at least 2-3 penalty's like that per a shootout.9. Improve goalkeeper reactions when a player dribbles him or goes round him. Make him get up quickly and try to get the ball again.10. AI makes far less fouls than users. Again, make the AI more persistant. Let more battle going on and more fouls.11. Improve the ball physique. Make it more bouncy. First touch error is a great thing but the ball physique doesn't really correspond with it. More bouncy, make it look heavier, if you know what I mean.12. Player development in manager mode is too quick and unrealistic. Slow it down a little bit.13. More leagues and more stadiums, that is always an imperative. http://ppsjrhqn.com [url=http://tqlrfwxl.com]tqlrfwxl[/url] [link=http://jcywxcnq.com]jcywxcnq[/link]

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