Disney-Pixar Up




Adventure is Out ThereGood job! You defeated the first wave of combat planes.15
To Paradise FallsYou've successfully navigated the first jungle level.15
A Bird Named KevinYou've successfully located Kevin.15
Slide and SlitherYou've successfully defeated the giant Anaconda.15
A Voice In The MistYou found Dug!20
Meet the PackYou've met Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.20
Night in the JungleYou've avoided being captured by Muntz's dogs.20
Sinkhole TerrorYou've defeated the giant Crocodile.30
Paradise FallsYou've helped Carl achieve Ellie's dream: The house is now at Paradise Falls.30
Spirit of AdventureYou've rescued Russell and Kevin from Muntz.30
Adventure is HereCongratulations! You've defeated Muntz's canine squadron in the skies above Paradise Falls.50
Wings BadgeNice shot! You've defeated the first plane in the battle over Paradise Falls.10
Survivor BadgeYou've completed a Story Mode level without failing or quitting.50
Bird Watching BadgeGood! You've located Kevin for the first time.10
Sharp Tools BadgeYou've used Russell's key cut three times.10
Buddy System BadgeYou've freed your buddy from five Snare Traps.25
Bug Hunting BadgeYou've caught or squished 100 Dio Bugs or Butterflies.50
Knot Tying BadgeYou've tied off the House.10
Music BadgeYou've used Russell's Bugle three times.10
First Aid BadgeYou've used Russell's Canteen three times.10
Fishing BadgeYou did it! You survived against the hungry Pirahnas.20
Kite BadgeYou've floated across all the chasms in the game using Carl's House.20
Swimming BadgeYou've swum through all the water areas.10
Environment BadgeYou've broken apart 500 objects.20
Teamwork BadgeWay to be a team player! You've defeated the Anaconda or Crocodile with 2 players.30
Pest Control BadgeYou've squished 10 Wasps and Spiders.25
Hiking BadgeYou've found the picture-perfect view of Paradise Falls.10
Merit Badge ChampionCongratulations! You have collected 6000 Merit Badges.50
Karate BadgeYou've broken 10 watermelons.20
Artifact CuratorYou've collected all the Artifacts.35
Memorabilia SpecialistYou found all of Carl's missing Mementos.30
Shoveling BadgeYou've dug up all the bones using Dug.25
Recycling BadgeYou've played through a previously completed level in Story Mode.15
Global Citizen BadgeWell done! You've put out the campfire.20
Entomology BadgeYou've collected all varieties of each Butterfly and Dio Bug in the game.20
Multiplayer ExtrasYou've unlocked all the Multiplayer Extras!50
Animation BadgeYou've unlocked the Bonus Art.20
Ellie BadgeYou've unlocked the Ellie Badge! You are the top explorer!50
Defense BadgeSuccessfully defend against 10 dog ambushes.15


Excavation BadgeYou've found the hidden cave in "A Voice in the Mist."25
Rare Statue BadgeYou've found the Gold Jaguar!25
Beginner's WingsYou've accessed the Multiplayer game menu.10

・Kite Badge
忘れやすいのがLEVEL 3のMemento入手後。
取りこぼしがなければ、LEVEL 6のカイトイベント終了後に解除される。

・Global Citizen Badge
LEVEL 6開始直後、すぐ左側にある焚き火の消し炭を攻撃して破壊すれば解除。

・Hiking Badge
LEVEL 9のMementoを回収後、洞窟出口から見て右側(洞窟を出ると視点が反転するので、その場合は左側)へ行くと崖があり、そこへ行くだけで解除。

・Recycling Badge

・Ellie Badge
ポーズメニューから閲覧出来る「QUEST CARDS」を全て埋めると解除。

一周目で全て集められたなら、LEVEL 11開始時に解除される。

・Teamwork Badge
LEVEL 4のアナコンダ、もしくはLEVEL 8のクロコダイルをCoopで撃破すると解除。

・Buddy System Badge
LEVEL 3の中盤に仕掛けられているスネアトラップ(ロープを足に絡ませ吊り上げるトラップ。不自然に積み上げられた落ち葉が目印)に掛かった相方を5回解放してやると解除。

・Beginner's Wings

Artifacts/Mementos/Watermelons & Bones Locations

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