EA Sports Active 2



Golden GlovesThrow 1000 punches in Cardio Boxing25
Pumping IronComplete 1000 Arm Curls20
Lunge ExpertComplete 1000 Lunges20
Squat MasterComplete 1000 Squats20
Fitness 101Complete 101 Exercises10
Goal GetterComplete 3 goals with over 80% completion5
Trend SetterComplete 5 scheduled workouts in a row20
Fitness ExpertComplete 50 Workouts50
Workout BuddiesComplete a Multiplayer Workout10
Perfect ScoreComplete a workout with 100% completion5
Perfect AttendanceComplete a Program with over 80% in all workouts30
Fitness SamplerComplete 50 unique exercises10
Getting ResultsComplete first Fitness Tracker Report5
Cardio Kick StartComplete 80% of the Cardio Kick Start Program workouts25
Phase 1 CompleteComplete all Phase 1 workouts in The 9 Week Program20
Phase 2 CompleteComplete all Phase 2 workouts in The 9 Week Program50
Phase 3 CompleteComplete all Phase 3 workouts in The 9 Week Program50
Trail BlazerRun 1000km/621.4 mi. in Fitness Trail25
Making it MineCreate and Complete a Custom Workout35
Dear DiaryEarn 3 checkmarks on a Journal Entry5
Survey SaysFill in 5 Lifestyle and Nutrition Surveys10
Staying ActiveFill in 5 Other Activity Surveys10
Checking InFill in the Lifestyle & Nutrition Survey5
Getting OutFill in the Other Activity Survey5
Ready to go!Set up your EA SPORTS Active 2 profile5
Making FriendsJoin or create a Workout Group10
500 CaloriesBurn 500 Calories15
5000 CaloriesBurn 5000 Calories35
12 Hours12 Hours of exercise time10
24 Hours24 Hours of exercise time50
Pedal PowerBike 1000km/621.4 mi. in Mountain Biking25
Brick WallMake 1000 saves in Soccer25
Hot StepperComplete 1000 steps in Step Aerobics25
Dodge MasterDodge 1000 balls in Dodgeball25
100 CaloriesBurn 100 Calories10
1000 CaloriesBurn 1000 Calories25
10000 CaloriesBurn 10000 Calories100
Push it to the LimitComplete 1000 Pushups30
GOAL!Complete 1 goal with 100% completion10
1 HourComplete 1 Hour of exercise5
Fitness ProComplete 100 Workouts100
Working ItComplete 1 Workout5
Fitness EnthusiastComplete 10 Workouts20

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