Family Game Night 3



Game Night GodComplete all Achievements.65
Potato PartyUnlock all MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD™ costumes.40
Oh so shinyUnlock all Theme Park Plaza Statues.40
It’s a beautiful worldUnlock all Theme Park Plaza Building Parts.40
Plaza PartyUnlock all Theme Park Plaza Mascots.40
Living the lifeWin 1 game of original THE GAME OF LIFE™.10
Lifetime achievementWin 10 games of original THE GAME OF LIFE™.40
Variety is the spice of lifeWin 1 game of remix THE GAME OF LIFE™.10
Gold platedWin a Game of THE GAME OF LIFE™ with over $2,000,000 of wealth .15
In it to win itWin $500,000 on Spin to Win in THE GAME OF LIFE™.25
Don’t blame me!Beat another player who is nominated to be sued in a lawsuit in THE GAME OF LIFE™.15
Top of the worldBe a Doctor and own the Mansion House in THE GAME OF LIFE™.15
On patrolBe a Police Officer and bust another player for speeding in THE GAME OF LIFE™.25
In the GrooveWin 1 game of original TWISTER™.10
On FireWin 10 games of original TWISTER™.40
Mix MasterWin 1 game of remix TWISTER™.10
Pro SkillsScore over 80% in a game of original TWISTER™.15
Mad SkillsScore over 90% in a game of original TWISTER™.15
The Beautiful DanceScore Perfect in any game of original TWISTER™.25
Bring it onSuccessfully complete a 6 beat bar in remix TWISTER™.25
I make this look goodGet a perfect beat timing when free styling in original TWISTER™.15
ElementaryWin 1 game of original CLUE™/CLUEDO.10
Scotland Yard’s finestWin 10 games of original CLUE™/CLUEDO.40
Law bringerWin 1 game of remix CLUE™/CLUEDO.10
Clued upWin a game of CLUE™/CLUEDO with only 2 items identified on your clue sheet.25
An Eye for DetailGet a maximum score on any CLUE™/CLUEDO minigame.15
Well rounded detectiveRoll all 5 types of event on the Event Dice in CLUE™/CLUEDO remix15
People personGain 2 extra clues from CLUE™/CLUEDO characters in one game of original CLUE™/CLUEDO.15
Master of the MansionLock another player in any room with the Keys to the Mansion in remix CLUE™/CLUEDO.25
CheesyWin 1 game of original MOUSE TRAP™.10
AcheesementWin 10 games of original MOUSE TRAP™.40
Con-trap-tion MasterWin a game of remix MOUSE TRAP™.10
Cheese and biscuitsWin a game of remix MOUSE TRAP™ without losing 3 wedges of cheese.25
Pied PiperSuccessfully trap another player using cheese in MOUSE TRAP™.15
Chief EngineerPlace 50 trap parts (cumulative score across all games played) in MOUSE TRAP™.15
Cheesed to meet youSteal the spanner off of another player in a game of remix MOUSE TRAP™15
Da Mouse-VinciBuild one type of each of the 5 trap types in a single game of remix MOUSE TRAP™.25
Yahtzee!Win 1 game of original YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN™.10
Card SharkWin 10 games of original YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN™.40
Think FastWin 1 game of remix YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN™.10
Combo KnightWin 2 Combo Cards in a single game of original YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN™.25
Combo LordWin 4 Combo Cards in any game of YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN™.15
Combo KingWin 6 Combo Cards in any game of YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN™.25
Raising the barBeat another player’s ‘Hands Down!’ combo with a higher combo in original YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN™.15
Too fast for youBeat any player to a ‘Hands Down!’ when they have a ‘Hands Down!’ too in remix YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN™.15

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