Hail to the Chimp


Dark HorseWin 10 games after being in 4th place.25
Comeback KidWin 10 games by taking 1st place near the end.25
CursiveWin 10 games while using many curses per game.20
Button MasherClaim all buttons in a game of Flip-floppers.20
Ballot BalletClaim all ballot boxes in a game of A Clam in Every Pot.20
Top DogWin a game of Front-runner without losing front-runner status.20
Litter BugClaim all yard signs in a game of Yard Signs.20
Player HaterKill a character's rival 25 times.20
World LeaderWin a multiplayer game on every map.40
Prime CandidateWin a multiplayer game in every gametype.20
DiplomatLast 60 seconds without attacking or dying.30
Team PlayerWin 10 games while teamed up.20
Non Stop PartyWin the Ptolemy Recount Challenge.10
PlatytudeWin the Daisy Recount Challenge.10
Sound MindWin the Floyd Recount Challenge.10
Saline SolutionWin the Toshiro Recount Challenge.10
Bear NecessityWin the Hedwig Recount Challenge.10
Now Now NowWin the Bean Recount Challenge.10
Whiff of ChangeWin the Moxie Recount Challenge.10
Silent MajorityWin the Murgatroyd Recount Challenge.10
Pro SimianWin the Crackers Recount Challenge.10
TouristCollect your first piece of flair.10
Educated VoterUnlock all campaign ads.5
Couch PotatoUnlock all commercials.5
Concerned CitizenUnlock all attack ads.5
Policy WonkUnlock all debates.5
AldermanClear the Ptolemy, Floyd, and Daisy Challenges.25
RepresentativeComplete the Toshiro, Hedwig, Bean and Moxie Challenges.35
CreditorWatch the credits all the way through.20
SenatorComplete the Murgatroyd and Santo Challenges.40
Da BombPunch 20 bombs.20
Passing WindSurvive pursuit by the Cloud of Scandal for 3 minutes in one game.25
Animals' ChoiceFinish the single-player game without losing a primary.50
UntouchableBlock 10 attacks in a row.25
For the AnimalsFinish the single-player game.45
The Chosen OneFinish all Recount Challenges without losing a primary.25
PacifistWin a primary without attacking.50
Positive CampaignerWin a 3-primary election without attacking.75
Clam DiggerLast 60 seconds holding 20 or more clams.50
Secret AchievementSecret achievement.20
Secret AchievementSecret achievement.15
Secret AchievementSecret achievement.20
Secret AchievementSecret achievement.20
Secret AchievementSecret achievement.20
Secret AchievementSecret achievement.10
Secret AchievementSecret achievement.10

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