History Channel: Great Battles - Medieval


Get on the BoardWin a ranked match30
The First StepRecruit first troop20
Let the Battle BeginComplete the Tutorial20
TacticianComplete a flanking maneuver20
Master StrategistWin a battle with one of each unit type25
For God and KingWin first battle as English30
For the Fleur de LisWin first battle as French30
SerfKill 500 troops30
KnightKill 1000 troops30
Knights reach level 10Get a knight unit to level 1030
Mounts reach level 10Get a mounted unit to level 1030
Infantry reaches level 10Get an infantry unit to level 1030
Archers reach level 10Get a ranged unit to level 1030
InvincibleWin a battle without losing a unit30
Power in NumbersRecruit max number of units40
VassalKill 2000 troops40
10 Heads are better than 1Recruit 10 units40
Glory to the EnglishWin the English campaign50
Defender of the CrownWin the French campaign50
Best 2 of 3Win a Short Tug of War50
Best 3 of 5Win a Long Tug of War50
Conquer the PlaygroundWin a Sandbox Match50
PrinceKill 5000 troops50
KingKill 10000 troops60

Secret Achievements

All Around the WorldGet a unit into each corner of the screen15
The Cavalry is HereWin a battle with only mounted units30
Knights in Shining ArmorWin a battle with only knight units30
March to VictoryWin a battle with only infantry units30
Distance is the Best DefenseWin a battle with only ranged units30

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