Just Dance Disney Party


First StepsDanced to 1 song in Just Dance.10
Double TeamDanced to Team High Score with 2 players.10
Shake It UpDanced to Freeze & Shake.10
Just DJCreated a User Playlist in Playlists mode.10
Playlist ChampDanced to 1 preset playlist in Playlists mode.10
Watch Me WhirlCreated 1 original dance in Just Create mode.10
Get CreativeDanced to 1 original dance made in Just Create mode.10
Say CheeseHad a photo of 2 or more players taken while dancing.10
Hit the StageDanced a total of 10 times in Just Dance.10
Work the FloorDanced a total of 50 times in Just Dance.20
Mix it UpDanced to all the songs once.10
Dancing MachineDanced 25 times in 1 play session (without returning to Title Screen).10
Taking NotesCollected 1000 music notes in Team High Score.10
Reach for the StarsEarned 10,000 points in a user-recorded dance.20
Got the RoutineEarned 4 stars in a dance without showing next move icons.10
Team SpiritEarned 4 stars in Team High Score without showing next move icons.30
Photo FrenzyHad 20 photos taken while dancing.30
They’ll Come to YouEarned 4 stars in The Bare Necessities.30
A Delicious FeastEarned 4 stars in Be Our Guest.30
Magical MovesEarned 4 stars in Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.30
Scary MovesEarned 4 stars in Calling All The Monsters.30
Jazz CatEarned 4 stars in Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat.30
Dancing WizardryEarned 4 stars in Everything Is Not As It Seems.40
You Can FlyEarned 4 stars in Fly to Your Heart.40
Tee Dee!Earned 4 stars in Following The Leader.40
The Future’s BrightEarned 4 stars in Hang In There Baby.20
Wiki WikiEarned 4 stars in Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.20
Boom Boom ClackEarned 4 stars in Hoedown Throwdown.20
Rhino is Awesome!Earned 4 stars in I Thought I Lost You.20
Around the WorldEarned 4 stars in “it’s a small world”.20
Dance of the BarbariansEarned 4 stars in I’ve Got a Dream.20
Party EverydayEarned 4 stars in Hey Jessie.20
Break it DownEarned 4 stars in Shake It Up.20
Tangled UpEarned 4 stars in Something That I Want.20
Just Got Served!Earned 4 stars in S.I.M.P (Squirrels In My Pants).20
Say What?Earned 4 stars in Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.20
Now You KnowEarned 4 stars in That’s How You Know.20
Shine on MeEarned 4 stars in This is Me.20
Light the LightsEarned 4 stars in The Muppet Show Theme.20
Twist it UpEarned 4 stars in Twist My Hips.20
Off the HookEarned 4 stars in Under the Sea.20
Wildcats EverywhereEarned 4 stars in We’re All in This Together.20
Rock the PartyDanced a total of 100 times in Just Dance.20
Team PlayerDanced to songs in Team High Score 50 times in multiplayer.20
Shakin’ Things UpDanced to songs in Freeze & Shake 50 times.20
Create-a-thonDanced to any songs made in Just Create 50 times.20
My FaveDanced to the same song 30 times.20
Go Team!Earned 30,000 or more points in all songs in Team High Score.20
Shake MasterEarned 12,000 or more points in all songs in Freeze & Shake.20
Disney StarEarned 4 stars in all songs in Just Dance.20

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