Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore


American IdolWin the full American Idol tournament at any difficulty level.50
World IdolWin the full American Idol tournament at Expert difficulty level.80
Golden TicketPass the auditions phase in single player.10
The Great American SongbookSing all the songs on the disc once - full song only.20
American SensationWin 20 American Idol single player tournaments.30
It Sounds Like a LotScore 1 million points (cumulative in any mode).20
It Didn't Take That LongScore 10 million points (cumulative in any mode).50
DedicationScore 50 million points (cumulative in any mode).100
Girl’s Best FriendGet a perfect score throughout a full American Idol tournament.100
HeadbangerCompete offline in a battle Head to Head game.10
PremiershipCompete offline in an Arcade League game.10
Just the Two of UsPlay an offline Co-op Duet.10
Grudge MatchPlay an Xbox LIVE Head-to-Head match.10
World TourPlay an Xbox LIVE American Idol Tournament match.10
Global StarPlay an Xbox LIVE Arcade League match.10
Ranked Grudge Match WinnerWin an Xbox LIVE Head-to-Head ranked match.15
Ranked World Tour WinnerWin an Xbox LIVE American Idol Tournament ranked match.15
Ranked Global Star WinnerWin an Xbox LIVE Arcade League ranked match.15
MaestroAchieve Diamond Status for every song on the disc.175
MegastarAchieve Diamond Status for one song.10
HeroAchieve Diamond Status for ten different songs.50
SuperstarAchieve Diamond Status for five different songs.25
Million SellerAchieve Platinum Status for every song on the disc.50
LegendAchieve Diamond Status for twenty different songs.75
InspirationAchieve Gold Status for every song on the disc.10
The ShowmanComplete a medley and receive Platinum Status.20
Why Don't You Marry Him ThenAchieve "Excellent" comments from Simon three times in a row during an American Idol tournament.15
The First of ManyAchieve Platinum Status for one performance.5

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