Karaoke Revolution: Glee Volume 3



Can't Get Any BetterGet 100% on any song on any difficulty25
Millionare ClubGet 1,000,000 points or more on a single song25
Nice StreakGet a streak of 40 or better on a single song25
CompetitionSing a song with two players in Versus mode25
CooperationSing a song with two players in Co-Op mode25
HarmonySing a song with two players in Duet mode25
Rachel FanGet 95% or better on "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", "Go Your Own Way", and "Last Christmas"50
Finn FanGet 95% or better on "I've Gotta Be Me", "Just The Way You Are", and "Losing My Religion"50
Santana FanGet 95% or better on "Back To Black", "Songbird", and "Valerie"50
Puck FanGet 95% or better on "Fat Bottomed Girls", and "Only The Good Die Young"50
Mercedes FanGet 95% or better on "I Look To You", and "River Deep Mountain High"50
Artie FanGet 95% or better on "Never Going Back Again", and "PYT"50
Sam and Quinn FanGet 95% or better on "I've Had The Time of My Life", and "Lucky"50
Yearbook Song CompleteEarn all snapshots from a single song in YEARBOOK mode50
Major GleekPlay every song in the game at least once on any difficulty100
Tons Of DancersEarn 10,000 or more dancers lifetime100
Complete Yearbook CollectionEarn every snapshot in the game from YEARBOOK mode125
PerfectionistGet 100% on every song125


・全解除まで約9時間。と言っても大半がTons Of Dancers解除にかかる時間。


・Tons Of Dancersだけが多少時間がかかるがこれもマイクと蓮根放置で解除可能。

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