I never said they were the platform of chicoe for Nintendo games, or any games really. Emulators are OK, IMO, if you really want to play a game and can't access it for some reason or another. I'm just pointing out how PC's are the opposite of God awful and are generally the best platform to play video games on. I have a Wii and buy all my games new and legally, but that doesn't make the PC any worse of a platform.Oh, and while I'm at it, unless you play games on a laptop, overheating shouldn't be an issue. Updates are a GOOD thing, they add new features and fix bugs other consoles are too slow to implement and usually have to pay for. You can choose to ignore updates, if you want to experience a game like console gamers do. Emulators support online these days; you can play games like GoldenEye 007 (N64) online, which is something the original never could. http://ufyigtol.com [url=http://rnmkirpc.com]rnmkirpc[/url] [link=http://wmhbfgbgab.com]wmhbfgbgab[/link]

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