- Bring back usage of Pro when using career mode or at least otoipn to use old pro from old career***- Change the ping pong passing system of opposition deep in their half to more longer passing to forward/midfield***- Improve the handball system, its really bad**- More national teams and clubs**- More graphical improvements and otoipns such as better DOF, different types of Anti-Aliasing(SSAO, FXAA and MLAA) and better lighting etc.- Implementation of yellow cards for ANY handballs in La Liga- Addition of otoipn to change Camera Angle using slider or numerical- Better Paced games(Especially slower than FIFA 13!)- Smarter defending- More freedom of playing in different position in teams like FIFA 12- MORE challenging gameplay- MORE fouling of AI players especially close to box http://okmtcf.com [url=http://uizqbrky.com]uizqbrky[/url] [link=http://rljflscysq.com]rljflscysq[/link]

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