LEGO Rock Band


New to the SceneComplete your first gig on the World Tour10
Tour de ForcePlay at every venue on the World Tour20
Veteran PerformerComplete all gigs on the World Tour (except for the Rock Marathon Setlist and Endless Setlist)50
Long-Distance RockerComplete the Rock Marathon Setlist on the World Tour30
Endless ShamelessComplete the Endless Setlist on the World Tour50
Got WheelsPurchase the 2nd vehicle on the World Tour10
Sea LegsPurchase the 3rd vehicle on the World Tour10
Rotary ClubPurchase the 4th vehicle on the World Tour10
Open RoadPurchase the 5th vehicle on the World Tour10
Walking on AirPurchase the 6th vehicle on the World Tour10
Into the DeepPurchase the 7th vehicle on the World Tour10
Jet SetterPurchase the 8th vehicle on the World Tour10
Teleportation NationUnlock the Teleporter on the World Tour10
Rock the House DownComplete the Wreck 'n' Roll Rock Power Challenge10
Pencil PusherHire a Band Manager10
You're Hired!Hire an Entourage member10
#1 BossHire all Entourage members40
Hovel, Sweet HovelPurchase one item of rock den furniture10
House ProudSpend 100,000 studs on rock den furniture20
Luxury LivingSpend 1,000,000 studs on rock den furniture40
Bare EssentialsPurchase an item of clothing10
Appetite For ApparelSpend 100,000 studs or more on items of clothing20
Fashion VictimSpend 1,000,000 studs or more on items of clothing40
Gear HeadPurchase an instrument10
InstrumentalSpend 1,000,000 studs or more on instruments40
Local LegendGet 100 fans10
Fan-TASTICGet 1,000,000 fans30
Twinkle, TwinkleGet 100 Stars10
Super StarsGet 1000 Stars30
Universal AcclaimComplete the Story50
Flawless FretworkScore 100% notes hit as a Guitarist20
Flawless DrummingScore 100% notes hit as a Drummer20
Flawless SingingScore a 100% rating as a Vocalist20
Flawless GrooveScore 100% notes hit as a Bassist20
Stud FarmAchieve a 100% Stud Recovery during a performance20
Brian MAY Be Jealous100% a guitar solo on Expert20
The Final CountdownScore 100% on the Guitar Solo in "The Final Countdown" on Expert40
All Four One!Complete a song with four band members20
Practice Makes PerfectAll four band members score 100% notes hit50
Solid Gold, Easy Action!Gold Star any song50


Royal Command PerformanceKings of Rock 'n' Troll completed10
No More Mr Ice GuyRock the Boat completed10
DooyafinkhesaurusSecuri-T-Rex completed10
Rain KingRock the Crop completed10
Kickin' the TentaclesRocktopus completed10
The School of ShockShock Band completed10
Roadie RevolutionRoad Crew hired10
Armageddon Outta HereStop the Rock completed10
Start Me UpRock-It Fuel completed10

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