over Thanksgivingmy wife and I were introduced to the Kinect. It is awosmee so much fun for a group of people when they cut loose.Via Amazon's lightning dealsI was able recently to get a great price on the Xbox and Kinect packaged deal. We received the Xbox today and immediately started playing (very easy setup) one of the dancing games. It is seriously a fun gamewe played for a couple hours.When we finishedI started poking around with the other features of the Xbox. What I quickly found is that the Xbox is fairly worthless for any other feature other than games unless you want to drop another $10 a month (or $100/year) on the Gold service. You can't even use Netflix unless you pay this monthly fee on TOP of what you already pay Netflix. And to top it offyou can't even use Internet Explorer without the Gold Service. It's not muchit's just more the principle of the matter when you can use Netflix on every other device for free.AnywayI highly recommend the Xbox if you only want to play games and use the Kinect. For any other serviceuse the PS3RokuWiiany basic media streaming deviceetc etc etc. They're all free to use!Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0 http://cocicl.com [url=http://jcvodvsrtx.com]jcvodvsrtx[/url] [link=http://qycwfd.com]qycwfd[/link]

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