This map pack is in line with just about every other map pack that's been released as of late. You get what's adreetisvd: 4 maps and a new Zombies mode. Personally, I never play zombies, so I bought this DLC purely for the multiplayer maps. I have had a few hours experience with the map pack at this point, and I'll share what I've found:The Maps:This map pack has its own unique flavor to it. I especially like Magma. While it does not actually have dynamic map elements, the lava is certainly a fun addition! It creates a few choke points that force enemies into your line of sight, and there are plenty of long range views for sniping. The map feels more unique than previous maps. I'll give this one 5 stars.Studio is a reskin of the map from the first Black Ops, Firing Range. Players of Black Ops will immediately recognize the map. I found the reskin refreshing, and it makes firefights feel more whimsical and fun. There is one tower that has remained that is only accessible by one ladder. I like this, but it can get frustrating when an enemy is up there and kills you repeatedly.Encore is much larger than I initially expected. Really, it's about what you would expect. Pretty fun, and I got a Warthog scorestreak the first game I played on it!I have not yet played Vertigo, so I cannot yet review it's quality.Conclusion:After getting to play on 3 of the four maps, I feel that I've already made a good decision spending $15 for this DLC. Obviously, there will be haters and fans who are never satisfied. But, in my experience, I've found this map pack to be worthwhile for any fan of the series looking to drop $15 on games. There's no new weapon, which is mildly disappointing, and there are only 3 new map experiences for those who have played Black Ops 1 multiplayer. I recommend mixing things up by using weapons you wouldn't normally use. Make some crazy classes and see how they work on these maps. The verdict? Go buy Uprising! [url=]ofuyvuknodh[/url] [link=]ugtidoli[/link]

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