Try this - extend the axle, and use two skcetad medium pulley on the end of the axle. No, it's not as easy, or quite as compact, or secure... but it gives you those attachment points back.What you bring up is a fact of life with LEGO, I fear - things change, and they don't change in the ways you want more often than not. You may be too "young" in a LEGO sense to understand the color pallet reduction issue... or the "bley" issue... or the studless issue... or the window issue, fleshy minifig issue, tree issue, train issue(s), monorail issue, etc. But this has been a constant over the years.When building LEGO, do not count on having what you want... but always know you can find what you need :). [url=]fbwcfnqrp[/url] [link=]mhrcdm[/link]

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