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馬術・ハンググライダー・スキーのDiamond Medal獲得がこの上なく厳しい。

Jump OnPerform 50 Perfect Jumps.10
Bridle ShowerFall from the horse into the water.10
Lucky HorseshoeComplete a Perfect Round.10
Seventh WonderPerform 7 Perfect Jumps in a single ride.15
Pony ExpressWin Gold medals in the 7 standard Horseback Riding challenges.20
The ReinmakerWin Platinum medals in the 7 standard Horseback Riding challenges.30
Blazing SaddlesWin Diamond medals in the 7 standard Horseback Riding challenges.40
Hang 10Fly at more than 95 mph continuously for more than 10 seconds.10
A Perfect 10Fly through 10 Perfect Rings in one ride.10
Cool Hang LukeComplete the challenge without the help of thermals.5
Human GPSCollect all Secret rings in every challenge.5
Golden EagleWin Gold medals in every Hang Gliding challenge.20
Air BallerWin Platinum medals in every Hang Gliding challenge.30
This Is ForeverWin Diamond medals in every Hang Gliding challenge.40
BulldozerScore a Touchdown doing all stiff arms and without jumping.10
Born to Be WildScore 3 Perfect Touchdowns in a row in the Running Back challenge.15
Three Is CompanyPerform 3 Perfect Throws in a single challenge.10
Robin HoodScore 3 Perfect Centers in Target Throw.10
Gold RushWin Gold medals in every Football challenge.20
Gridiron GodWin Platinum medals in every Football challenge.30
A Girl's Best FriendWin Diamond medals in every Football challenge.40
The UntouchableFinish a round without getting punched.10
Blowing ItLand at least 85% of your punches in a single match.15
Sting Like a BeeWin the bout in less than 1 minute.15
Rubber WallFinish a whole boxing match parrying all punches.10
Round UpWin Gold medals in every Boxing challenge.20
Just Beat ItWin Platinum medals in every Boxing challenge.30
ADRIAN!!!Win Diamond medals in every Boxing challenge.40
Cleaning the CobwebsWin a penalty shootout challenge scoring all your goals in the Top Corners.10
William TellComplete the Target Shooting challenge hitting more than half the targets.10
SniperFinishing the Scoring Zone challenge with at least four 100-pt shots.10
HurricaneScore on your first attempt in all wind rounds in the Midfield Kick challenge.15
24-Carat Goal'dWin Gold medals in every Soccer challenge.20
Field of DreamsWin Platinum medals in every Soccer challenge.30
Shine OnWin Diamond medals in every Soccer challenge.40
Go Ahead and JumpJump 784 feet in Ski Jump.10
Run Like the WindSki at 68 mph for 10 seconds.10
Heaven's GatesFinish a Super G race without touching any gate or fence.10
Demolition DerbyHit other skiers 5 times.10
Golden ChildWin Gold medals in every Ski challenge.20
AvalancheWin Platinum medals in every Ski challenge.30
Ice FlakesWin Diamond medals in every Ski challenge.40
Almost FamousTake 3 Pictures at end of the Welcome Tutorial.10
States InvaderBecome a National Champion in any sport.20
Napoleonic ComplexBecome an International Champion in any sport.25
Who Can Icon?Become an Icon in any sport.30
I Am LegendBecome a Legend in any sport.40
Meet Your MakerWatch the Credits without skipping them.5
Look at You!Appear on 6 different International Magazine Covers25

Secret Achievements

We Love YouCongratulations from the Dev Team! You won Diamond medals in every Challenge for every sport!50

  • 攻略メモ
    Horseback Riding:方向転換と加速は同時にも行える。
    Hang Gliding:着地時には、40mph弱でゴールに低空飛行で近づき、着陸態勢に入ったら上昇して25mph程度まで減速させると、安定してゴール中央近くに降りやすい。
    Football:Running back challengeでは、回転しながら横へ避けると最高評価の"spin"が出る。



  • Bridle Shower
  • Human GPS
    各ステージに3つずつ、金色のSecret ringがある。近くを通過すると通常のリングと同様の効果音が鳴る。
  • Boxing関連
  • The Untouchable
  • Rubber Wall
  • Cleaning the Cobwebs

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