Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

項目数: 37
総ポイント: 1000


Been There, Done ThatObtain all Awards in the Awards Room100
FlashbackComplete Tablet Tutorial at New York Museum of Natural History20
A New ThreatEscape Federal Archives20
MonkeyshinesComplete National Air and Space Museum: Able Chase30
Fine ArtComplete Washington Art Museum30
Natural WonderComplete National Museum of Natural History30
Final FrontierComplete National Air and Space Museum: Hangar30
City PassExplore All Museums40
Morning ComesSave the World50
In OrbitFree Able from her Restraints10
With a Monkey ChaserNavigate the Vending Machine10
Fossil FuelComplete the Trilobite Puzzle in the National Museum of Natural History10
AnubeeComplete Anubis Columns Puzzle10
Crown JewelsReturn the Hope Diamond10
Lady LindyRestore Power to Amelia Earhart's Plane10
Hey! Dum-dum!Give the Gum to Stonehead10
The Light TouchTame all Animals10
Rotor RouterComplete the Autogyro Flight20
The Eagle Has LandedComplete Lunar Lander sequence with at least Two Bars of Health Remaining20
MudfaceRepair all Broken Exhibits in Washington Art Museum20
Art AppreciationActivate all Paintings Traps in the Washington Art Museum with the Flashlight30
Who's Got It All?Collect 100% of Hidden Items100
Magnetic PersonalityAcquire all "Museum Magnet" Collectibles20
Gone PostalAcquire all "Postcard" Collectibles20
Wrench WranglerAcquire all "Wrench" Collectibles20
Fourth of JulyAcquire all "Souvenir Document" Collectibles20
PicassoAcquire all "Paint Tube" Collectibles20
Rexy's FavoriteAcquire all "Bone" Collectibles20
Toolbox HeroAcquire all "Pilot's Wings" Collectibles20
Mint ConditionAcquire the Pressed Penny Collectible in New York Museum of Natural History20
Castle MeAcquire the Pressed Penny Collectible in Smithsonian Castle20
Penny PinchAcquire the Pressed Penny Collectible in Lincoln Memorial20
Coin a PhraseAcquire the Pressed Penny Collectible in Federal Archives20
InflationAcquire the Pressed Penny Collectible in National Air and Space Museum20
For Art's SakeAcquire the Pressed Penny Collectible in Washington Art Museum20
No QuarterAcquire the Pressed Penny Collectible in National Museum of Natural History20
Pressin' Yer LuckAcquire the Pressed Penny Collectible in ALL Museums100


  • Fossil Fuel
    NATURAL HISTORY の1階(クレオパトラに会いに行く大部屋)の壁にかかってる絵がミニゲームになっている。
  • Hey! Dum-dum!
    チュートリアル2階の Stone Head に話しかけるとクエスト開始。
  • The Eagle Has Landed
    AIR SPACE MUSEUM の Lunar Lander を操作する面で、ライフ2を残してクリア。

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