Omerta: City of Gangsters

That's Got to HurtInflicted 100 damage or more to an enemy with a single attack20
TacticianWon a combat encounter with 4 party members above 75% health15
The Man with the PlanWon a combat encounter with 4 party members at full health35
Close and PersonalWon a combat encounter with 4 characters in your party wielding melee weapons10
Spreading the LoveHit 5 characters with an area attack20
One Shot, One KillKilled an enemy at full health with a single attack15
Last Man StandingWon a combat encounter with three incapacitated gang members at the end30
Lucky Rabbit's FootHit with an attack that has 5% hit chance20
JinxedMissed with an attack that has 95% hit chance.20
Three Birds with One StoneKilled 3 enemies with a single attack10
Fire in the Hole!Hit an enemy with a grenade25
Watch your Step!Shoved an enemy within the area of a fire bomb20
Home RunDamaged 2 enemies with a single bat attack15
Run, Coward!Intimidated a panicked enemy20
Back In ActionBandaged an incapacitated character10
Patched UpRemoved 2 negative conditions with First Ai15
It's a Trap!Damaged an enemy with a booby trap15
Blood Red EyesUsed Rage 3 times with the same character in a single battle20
Knuckle SandwichHit 3 different enemies in the same turn with knuckles20
Slice and DiceHit an enemy with the Slice and Dice knife attacks in the same turn10
Easy as One-TwoKilled 2 enemies in the same turn with a pistol10
No Place to HideDestroyed 4 cover objects with a single shotgun attack15
Do NOT Mess with Me!Killed an enemy with a revolver retaliation shot20
Shooting Fish in a BarrelHit 3 vulnerable enemies with a single Tommy Gun attack20
Ruthless EfficiencyHad a building at 200% efficiency10
Weapons DealerStockpiled 200 Firearms15
Money LaundererLaundered $10,000 Dirty Money in a single mission30
Hard WorkingCompleted 5 Jobs in a single mission15
Go-To ManCompleted 15 Jobs in a single mission25
EntrepreneurOwned 10 businesses at the same time20
An Offer You Can't RefuseBought out an independent business10
Meet the GangHad a team of 6 gangsters in the campaign15
Iron FistGained 100 Feared Rating15
Velvet GloveGained 100 Liked Rating15
It's Getting Crowded HereUnlocked 15 gang members15
ScapegoatFramed another criminal during a police investigation20
This Ain't Your Daddy's GunPurchased a Unique Weapon in the Campaign10
Weapons CollectorPurchased 13 unique Weapons in the Campaig30
FirestarterBurned 3 buildings in a single mission20
JuggernautHad a gang member with 200 or more health.20
Marathon RunnerHad a gang member with 20 or more Base Movement Points.20
Nimble FingersHad a gang member with 16 or more Base Action Points20
Go for the Eyes!Had a gang member with 20 or more Critical Chance.20


The Taste of VictoryWon a Competitive multiplayer mission.30
Brothers in ArmsWon a Cooperative multiplayer mission.30
ScarfaceWon 25 multiplayer mission50


The World's PlaygroundCompleted the "Welcome to Atlantic City" mission15
CapoCompleted Act 130
Capo Di Tutti CapiCompleted Act 230
Gone CleanFinished the game40

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