項目数:44 +10(DLC)
総ポイント:1000 +250(DLC)


Power up the TowerRetrieve the Tower Heart to power up the Tower10p
Rebuild the TowerRetrieve a Crane to start rebuilding the Tower10p
Obtain a MistressGet yourself a little company and some help spending your money20p
Retrieve the FoodRetrieve the Food, but will you keep or return it?10p
Defeat MelvinPuncture a Hero20p
Defeat OberonPut a Hero to sleep. Permanently.20p
Defeat Sir WilliamCure a Hero of life20p
Defeat GoldoEnd a Hero's obsession20p
Defeat JewelSteal a Hero20p
Defeat KahnGet angry with a Hero20p
Defeat the WizardDefeat the 7th Hero50p
Full CorruptionWin with the blackest heart50p
Zero CorruptionWin with the clearest conscience50p
Red MinionsRetrieve the Red Hive10p
Green MinionsRetrieve the Green Hive10p
Blue MinionsRetrieve the Blue Hive10p
Steel SmelterRetrieve a Smelter10p
Durium SmelterRetrieve a powerful Smelter15p
Arcanium SmelterRetrieve the most Powerful Smelter20p
Ultimate SteelForge an Ultimately Imbued Steel Set10p
Ultimate DuriumForge an Ultimately Imbued Durium Set20p
Ultimate ArcaniumForge an Ultimately Imbued Arcanium Set40p
Full DuriumForge a full Durium set10p
Full ArcaniumForge a full Arcanium set20p
Minion HarvesterHarvest Lifeforce10p
Amass MinionsHarvest lots of Lifeforce10p
Minion HoarderHarvest a huge amount of Lifeforce15p
Minion MultitudeHarvest a massive amount of Lifeforce40p
Tower MasterCollect all the Tower Objects40p
Ultimate HordeGet a full Horde, fully equipped40p
Dungeon DabblerDefeat half the Dungeon Creatures20p
Dungeon OverlordDefeat all the Dungeon Creatures30p
Mistress MasterFulfill your Mistress's wishes40p
SurvivorLast for 5 minutes in Survival10p
Superior SurvivorLast for 15 minutes in Survival20p
Ultimate SurvivorLast for 30 minutes in Survival30p
Compete in PillageComplete a ranked Pillage match10p
Win in PillageWin a ranked Pillage match20p
10 Wins in PillageWin 10 ranked Pillage matches30p
50 Wins in PillageWin 50 ranked Pillage matches40p
Compete in SlaughterComplete a ranked Slaughter match10p
Win in SlaughterWin a ranked Slaughter match20p
10 Wins in SlaughterWin 10 ranked Slaughter matches30p
50 Wins in SlaughterWin 50 ranked Slaughter matches40p


Legendary OverlordDefeat the 7th Hero in Legendary Mode50
Extended SurvivorLast for 45 mins in a Expansion Survival Map20
Extended PillagerWin 25 ranked Expansion Pillage Maps20
Extended SlayerWin 25 ranked Expansion Slaughter matches20
Dungeon LegendDefeat all the Expansion Dungeon Creatures30
Hell RaiderConquer the Mellow Hills Abyss20
SoulblighterConquer the Evernight Forest Abyss20
Demon MasterConquer the Heavens Peak Abyss20
Infernal LordConquer the Golden Halls Abyss20
Lord of the AbyssConquer the Ruborian Desert Abyss30




Full CorruptionとZero Corruptionは両立不可なので、2周以上必須。なお、Tower Masterを得るためにはCorruptionポイントが入る悪行が必要なのでZero Corruptionとは両立不可。

・Full Corruption - Corruptionポイントが上がる悪行を全て行う必要がある。人間をたくさん殺す。食糧を返さない。村、町の略奪など。おそらくガイドを見ないと達成は難しい。


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