Overlord II


Rescuer of KeldaRescue Kelda from Nordberg15
Tyrant of NordbergComplete full Tyranny over Nordberg through either Domination or Destruction25
Industrious MagicAchieve 50 kills by overcharging your Evil Presence Spell10
Big ChopperAchieve 50 melee kills10
Red RescuerFind the Red Minions10
Green GrabberFind the Green Minions10
Blue BringerFind the Blue Minions10
The DominatorAchieve a 100% Domination Tyranny rating40
The DestructorAchieve a 100% Destruction Tyranny rating40
ScroogeCollect 50,000 gold20
Juno's Special FriendBuy gifts for Juno and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend20
Dark Fay's Special FriendBuy gifts for Dark Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend20
Ghost Fay's Special FriendBuy gifts for Ghost Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend20
Armed and DangerousForge one weapon10
Blue Steel LookForged the Elemental helmet and armor10
Minion CaptainRescue all the Minion crew from the spider webs10
Weapons NutForge three weapons20
Kitted OutForge the Infernal helmet and armor20
Mayhem MakerCause mayhem during the Prelude10
Minion HarvesterGather 10 Lifeforce orbs10
Minion GathererGather 250 Lifeforce orbs20
Minion HoarderGather 1000 Lifeforce orbs25
Minion LoverGather 5000 Lifeforce orbs30
Town RazerDestroy one Town15
Walking ApocalypseDestroy both Nordberg and Everlight30
SlaverEnslave one Town15
New World OrderEnslave both Nordberg and Everlight30


SnatcherWin one Pirate Plunder map10
PillagerWin ten Pirate Plunder maps20
ConquerorWin one Dominate map10
The Big DWin ten Dominate maps20
AdversaryKill an opposing Overlord 20 times in ranked versus matches20


Juno’s ChampionJuno has become your Mistress15
Corruptor of the QueenDark Fay has become your Mistress15
Kelda's Special FriendKelda is now your 'special' friend20
Tyrant of EverlightThrough Domination or Destruction you are now the Tyrant of Everlight25
Seal SlayerYou have killed 100 baby seals20
Dark EmperorYou have killed Solarius30
Perfect HordeYour Minion Horde is fully upgraded30
Master BuilderYou have built 50% of the Tower buildables15
Tyrant of the TowerYou have built 100% of the Tower buildables30
Treasure HunterYou've obtained all the Tower Objects in the game50
Crystal CollectorYou've collected 50% of all Dark Crystals15
Ultimate CollectorYou've collected 100% of all Dark Crystals30
Mount MasterYou have discovered and used all Minion Mounts in the game20
Gnome GrinderYou've killed 1000 gnomes20
Rock OnYou've killed 15 or more enemies with a single Catapult boulder20
Ladies' ManYou and your Mistresses have found a way to get along splendidly40
Ghost BringerGhost Fay has become your Mistress20


・New World Order

・Kelda's Special Friend
・Juno's Special Friend
・Dark Fay's Special Friend
・Ghost Fay's Special Friend

・Master Builder
・Tyrant of the Tower

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