Pictionary: Ultimate Edition


uDraw game tablet 必須

Classic CompletionistComplete a full game of classic Pictionary15
Slow PokeFail to guess a clue before time runs out10
Come On AlreadyChange the clue type a lot within one round of play10
Mind ReaderCorrectly guess the clue in record speed40
Gallery ShowingDisplayed masterpieces in the slideshow10
Mega ManiacLand on 15 Mega Mania squares and correctly guess the clue10
BlindedGuess 10 clues with the No Peeking modifier20
BookwormCompleted the tutorial pop quiz10
BrushlessGuess 10 clues using nothing but the Finger Paint Tool40
Cant Stop Wont StopGuess 10 clues in Conveyor Belt mode20
Challenge AcceptedGuess 10 clues using mixed Draw Modes20
Clue MasterCreated a collection of Clues10
CommittedComplete a full length 4 Team game without continuing20
Easy PeasyPlay Family Fun with Junior Clues, bonuses on, penalties off, and Picturist Chooses10
ExpertPlay Family Fun with low Draw Timer, Difficult Clues, Tempus Fugit, Penalties, and Rivals Choose50
Figure ArtistGave Pictionary Man a lot of personality10
Fun with the FamilyComplete a full game of Family Fun Mode15
Guess What?Guess 10 Custom Clues20
Hands OnGuess 10 clues in Finger Painting mode20
Handy ManUse every tool and color in one Draw Round30
I Meant to do ThatWin an entire game without using the eraser or undo40
Just Add WaterGuess 10 clues using nothing but the Watercolor Tool40
Mine, Mine, Mine!Steal a clue from another team20
MinimalistWin a game using only one tool and one color30
Picassospend at least an hour on one Free Draw image20
Picasso's UnderstudyUse every tool and color in one Free Draw session10
Pictionary ManiacComplete a full game of Pictionary Mania15
Persistent PicturistPlay 50 games of Pictionary any mode50
PointillismGuess 10 clues in Dots Only mode20
Prosperous CheaterCheat through the game quickly5
Put me in Coach!Use a customized Pictionary Man in a game10
Quick HitterPlay Family Fun with 10 minute time limit, low Draw Timer, and Tempus Fugit20
ResourcefulPlay Family Fun with Ink Limit mode, Random selections, and All Clue Categories10
Reverse EngineerGuess 10 clues in Eraser Only mode20
See no EvilPlay Family Fun with the No Peeking modifier and the Lights Out Draw Mode40
ShapeshifterGuess 10 clues using nothing but the Shapes Tool40
ShutoutWin every All Play square within one play session50
Sight Beyond SightGuess 10 clues in Lights Out mode20
StingyWin without letting the other team play50
Switch HitterGuess 10 clues with the Off Hand modifier20
Switch!Guess 10 clues in Tool Confusion20
Topsy TurvyGuess 10 clues in Which Way is Up mode20
VertigoGuess 10 clues in Rotation Frustration20
Waste Not Want NotGuess 10 clues with the Ink Limit modifier20


  • Clue Master
    カスタム Clue(問題)を20問作成
  • Figure Artist|Gave Pictionary Man a lot of personality|10|
    カスタム Pictinoary Man を10体作成
  • Put me in Coach!
    Family PlayかPictionaryモードでカスタム Pictionary Manを使用する

Free Draw

  • Picasso
  • Picasso's Understudy
  • Gallery Showing
    Free Drawで15枚の絵を作成し、Slideshow を見る

Family Play

  • Fun with the Family
    Family Fun モードを完了
  • Easy Peasy
  • See no Evil
    2つのbonusをオン、penaltiesをオフ、who picksをpictureist, clue categories を juniorのみ, mania modifiers を no peeking とlights off のみにすれば同時に取れる
    no peeking 10回実績と lights off 10回実績も同時に取ると良い
  • Quick Hitter
  • Expert
    time limit 10, draw timer 30, tempus fugit オン, penalities オン, who pickes を rivals, clue categories を difficultのみ にすれば同時に取れる
  • Resourceful
    ink limit mode オン、who picks を random, 全ての clue categories を有効
  • Mine, Mine, Mine!
  • Handy Man
    House RuleでDraw Timerをオフにするといい
  • 10回実績
BlindedNo Peeking モード上記See no Eveilと一緒にやるといい
Sight Beyond SightLights Out mode同上
Cant Stop Wont StopConveyor Belt モード
PointillismDot Only モード
Switch HitterOff Hand モード
Switch!Tool Confusionモード
Topsy TurvyWhich Way is Up モード
Reverse EngineerEraser Onlyモード
VertigoRotation FrustrationモードChallenge Acceptedと一緒にやるといい
Guess What?custom clueChallenge Acceptedと一緒にやるといい
Waste Not Want NotInk Limit モードゲーム中のオプション、House RuleをInk Limitモードにすると取れない
Hands OnFinger Paintingモード
BrushlessFinger Paint ツールのみを使うFinger Painting モードにすれば自動的にFinger Paintツールのみになる
Just Add WaterWater Color ツール(水彩筆)のみを使う
ShapeshifterShapes ツールのみを使う四角や丸のツール
Challenge AcceptedHand offルール,Rotation Frustrationモード, Custom Clueモードは他のモードでもいい

Pictionary, Pictionary MANIA

  • Bookworm
  • Classic Completionist
  • Committed
  • Mind Reader
  • Stingy
  • Shutout
  • Prosperous Cheater
  • I Meant to do That
    4 team, full game, 一切の描画をせずに即答し続けると一度にすべて取れる。
  • Minimalist
  • Come On Already
  • Slow Poke
  • Pictionary Maniac
    Pictionary Maniacを完了
  • Mega Maniac
    Mega Maniaのマスをプレイ後、ゲームを中断しても回数は保存されている。
    Pictionary Maniaを4人,shortestで始めて、初めの島に光ったマス(Mega Mania)が二つある状態がやりやすい。(無ければやり直す)
    Mega Maniaのマスにとまるまで他のマスを何度もやることになるので、Guess 10 clues xxxx modeの類の実績はMega Maniac後のほうがいいかも。----

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