Power Rangers Super Samurai



A Samurai in the makingCreate an ID Card10
You are a true Samurai Ranger!Collect all badges40
Power of the AncestorsComplete all Super Samurai achievements40
Gold PowerTrain with the Gold Ranger20
The new Red RangerTrain with a secret Red Ranger20
Now that's teamwork!Use the 5-Disc Cannon20
Bullzooka Blast!Use the Bullzooka20
Team SpiritDefeat Splitface20
Super Samurai Mode!Become a Super Samurai40
Quadruple Slash?Defeat 4 or more enemies with one finishing move40
Symbol Power!Write a Samurai symbol for the first time20
Symbol MasterComplete all the Ranger symbols20
You can do anything as a teamDefeat Rofer with Red Ranger and Green Ranger (Co-op)20
Rangers Together, Smile Forever!Take a photo with all of the Rangers20
Smile, we are united!Take a photo with all of the Megazords20
Samurai PerfectionComplete a Ranger mission without taking damage10
The ultimate duelDefeat Deker as the Red Ranger20
Dayu's final songDefeat Dayu as Pink Ranger20
Power DiscDefeat an enemy group that has an item in a Ranger mission10
Hold it right there, Nighlok!Defeat an enemy group that tried to mount a special attack in a Ranger mission10
SpitacularDefeat a Spitfang with its own fireball in a Ranger Battle10
Megazord perfectionComplete a Megazord Battle without taking damage10
Counter VictoryDefeat a MegaMonster using only counterattacks.20
Two Rangers in perfect sync!Do a Synchronized Attack on a MegaMonster20
Defuse the situationPrevent Splitface from exploding during a Ranger mission10
Read the enemy's moves and reactAvoid Rofer's spin attack three times in a row in a Ranger mission20
Perceive that not seenDon't let the enemies that appeared during the power outage escape10
Fast, brave and luckySuccessfully attack Deker 3 times in a row during a Ranger Battle20
The great duelDefeat Gigertox20
Armed for battle!Successfully attack Gigertox 3 times in a row during a Megazord Battle20
Toxic EvaderDefeat Dayu in a Ranger mission without taking one hit from her poison bullets or mist20
Strike first, finish laterHit Serrator in a Ranger mission before taking an attack from him20
Stroke of FateDefeat Serrator10
VICTORY IS OURS!Defeat Master Xandred20
UntouchableAvoid all Xandred's attacks in a Megazord Battle20
Samurai VictoryClear Game on Kids Level in Ranger Mode10
Super Samurai VictoryClear Game on Normal Level in Ranger Mode20
Shogun VictoryClear Game on Hard Level in Ranger Mode40
Megazord mobilized!Have a Megazord or MegaMonster appear during Training10
Training just went Mega Mode!Have a Megazord or MegaMonster appear five times during Training10
Excellente!Perform 10 or more Excellent moves while Training20
Ranger Training CompleteComplete all Training Stages with all Rangers40
Tameshiwari ExpertSet a Personal Record above 300 bricks40
Samurai Chop!Perform 5 top-speed chops in Breaking Challenge20
Samurai Break!Break more than 7 bricks at once20
Breaking Training CompleteComplete Levels 1 through 4 in Breaking Challenge single player40
Mooger Training... Complete?Complete all Training Stages with the Nighlok40

  • You are a true Samurai Ranger!
    バッジはRanger Pointの累積点増加に伴って獲得できる。合計81,000点あれば、全てのバッジが揃う。
    Breaking Challengeのレベル5を999枚までこなすのが最も時間効率が良い(約7,500点/20分)。
  • Counter Victory
  • Two Rangers in perfect sync!
    通常の戦闘状態で、二人が同じ方向に同時に腕を振ると、「synchronized attack」の表示が出る。
  • Samurai Victory、Super Samurai Victory、Shogun Victory
    RangerモードはKidsレベルから始まる。クリア後にコンティニューすると、難易度が上がって最初のステージに戻る。Shogun Victory解除まで要3周クリア。
    Battle Selectで難易度を変えてのステージクリアでは解除されない。
  • Ranger Training Complete
    Ranger Trainingの全4ステージのそれぞれを、赤(男)・青・緑・黄・桃・金・赤(女)の7人のレンジャーの指導の下にプレイする。Breaking Challengeは条件に含まれない。
  • Tameshiwari Expert、Samurai Break!
    Breaking Challengeのレベル5で解除できる。

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