Prison Break: The Conspiracy



StalkerComplete the stealth tutorial.15
BurglarComplete the lock picking tutorial.15
MonkeyFirst time climbing completed!15
FighterComplete the fighting tutorial.15
NinjaComplete chapter one without getting spotted.15
LocksmithSuccessfully lock pick or unscrew five doors or grates without being spotted.15
PugilistDon't get knocked out in five consecutive fights.15
First BloodBeat your first opponent in underground fights.15
UnbruisedWin a match flawlessly in underground fights.15
RingerDefeat 50 enemies in underground fights.15
All Inked UpGet tattoos for all six locations on your body.15
SwoleLift the weights for at least 10 minutes (accumulated).15
Bloody KnucklesPunch the heavy bag for at least 10 minutes (accumulated).15
Doesn't Play Well with OthersBeat up more than 100 people on Shark.90
UntouchableWin a match flawlessly in underground fights on Shark.30
MogulEarn $5000.30
Indefinite FurloughFinish the game at any difficulty.30
The Great WhiteFinish the game on Shark.85
InvisibleComplete every chapter without being seen.90
Lightning ReflexesSuccessfully perform 50 reversal moves in fights.30
The Best Defense...Win a fight without blocking.30
Insult to InjuryWin a fight using only reversal moves and finishing moves.30


InitiationArrive in Fox River.15
Quid Pro QuoComplete the first quest to retrieve C-Note's drugs.15
Birds of a FeatherRealize the brothers are breaking out.15
EnablerGet the PUGNAc.15
In the Crazed Mind's EyeSteal Haywire's sketches.15
Built for the Rough and TumbleSurvive the riot.15
Inside JobFind out that Turk works for the Company.15
Man with the PlansGet the prison blueprints.15
MatadorBeat Bellick in the underground fight.15
Company PolicyMannix arrives at Fox River.15
Unfinished BusinessRelentlessly pursue Mannix over the rooftops.15
Everything and the SinkDispatch Trumpets with the sink.15
Early RetirementTerminate Mannix.30
Tunnel RatKnock out Bellick in the sewers.15
Guardian AngelStop Mannix from killing Linc.15
Hard BoiledEscape from the boiler room ambush.15
Brutally ChainedHang Teets with his own chain.15
Shock and AweJump away from the water before getting electrocuted.15
Massive OverdoseEscape from the asylum after being injected with drugs.15
Metal TwisterMake it out of the elevator shaft unscathed.15
The Rat Hunt is OnSecure the letter of testimony.15
Blood Red TilesDefeat the snitch in the shower room.15
Guacamole with LardEscape Avocado's stranglehold.15

  • Doesn't Play Well with Others/Untouchable/Mogul
    チャプターセレクトでChap.1,難易度Sharkを選択しunderground fightsが可能になるまで
    ゲームを進行させる.対戦相手に"Soda Pop"(賞金$50)を選択して100回試合に勝利すれば解除.
    reversal moveを決めればノーダメージで勝つことも出来る.
  • All Inked Up
  • Lightning Reflexes/Insult to Injury
    Doesn't Play Well with Othersの解除と同時に狙っていくことを推奨.
  • Invisible

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