The Kind doesn't matter. Bigger the bteter. High def is ofcourse bteter. But, it depends upon the AV cable you're using.360s ship with just a composite (Yellow) video cable and stereo (Red and White) audio cable. Even with a great television, composite will have the worst, though usable, picture. So, if you're going to use composite, don't bother with a fancy (Expensive) television.You can get component cables for an Xbox or buy one with an HDMI out not all have the HDMI option. I prefer component. HDMI cables are starting to get reasonably priced but most stores are still charging more than a dollar a foot for them. I also don't see any big picture improvement from component to HDMI.Any new television ought to have at least one component and two or three HDMI inputs. [url=]yhczsedh[/url] [link=]qcuajg[/link]

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