Self-Defense Training Camp




All heartConfirm your first cardio lesson.10
Perfectly executedFirst time getting five stars for a self defense technique.15
First weaponsConfirm your first self defense technique.10
Hands down!Confirm all techniques from the first self defense class.15
Watch out, you might get burned!Confirm all techniques from the second self defense class.25
At your own riskConfirm all techniques from the third self defense class.20
Let me breathe!Confirm all techniques from the fourth self defense class.25
No fearConfirm all techniques from the fifth self defense class.30
No touch!Confirm your first dodging level.10
Catch me if you can!Confirm all the dodging levels.15
Human shieldConfirm your first punch blocks level.10
Thousand handed blockConfirm all punch blocks levels.15
A real pain in the footConfirm your first kick blocks level.10
Complete protectionConfirm all kick blocks levels.15
Eye of the TigerConfirm your first punch attack level.10
Punch LineConfirm all punch attack levels.15
Avenging foot techniqueConfirm your first kick attack level.10
I'm putting my foot downConfirm all kick attack levels.15
Lion heartConfirm all cardio lessons.20
Off on the right footConfirm your first balance lesson.10
Yin and YangConfirm all balance lessons.20
Black belt"Black belt" title for technique.40
UntouchableFirst time getting five stars in a dodging level.15
Phantom FighterFive stars in all dodging levels.20
Sure-footedFirst time getting five stars in a kick blocks level.15
ImpenetrableFive stars in all kick blocks levels.20
On gardeFirst time getting five stars in a punch blocks level.15
Get your guard upFive stars in all punch blocks levels.25
Lightning fistFirst time getting five stars in a punch attack level.15
Iron fistFive stars in all punch attack levels.25
Alive and kickingFirst time getting five stars in a kick attack level.15
Point-blankFive stars in all kick attack levels.25
Blazing Reflexes"Blazing reflexes" title for reflexes.40
Grace of the lotusFirst time getting five stars in a balance lesson.15
Water element"Water" title for balance.40
Durable energyFirst time getting five stars in a cardio lesson.15
Heart of steel"Heart of steel" title for cardio.40
Orange belt"Orange belt" title for technique.15
Green belt"Green belt" title for technique.20
Blue belt"Blue belt" title for technique.30
Fast reflexes"Fast reflexes" title for reflexes.15
Sharp reflexes"Sharp reflexes" title for reflexes.20
Lightning reflexes"Lightning reflexes" title for reflexes.30
Competitor"Competitor" title for cardio.15
Instructor"Instructor" title for cardio.20
Marathoner"Marathoner" title for cardio.30
Wood element"Wood" title for balance.15
Fire element"Fire" title for balance.20
Air element"Air" title for balance.30
Expert in self defenseGetting the highest titles in all activities.40

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