Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper

項目数: 40
総ポイント: 1000



CuriousFind out how to observe things closely right from the start…80
Art loverThe true art lover will have no difficulty...80
Crime doesn't payDon't be the accomplice to a theft...80
DoggedHow does Jack feel when he handles the knife?80
The crime weaponWhat weapon does Jack the Ripper use?10
Make-up artistWhat does Jack the Ripper look like?10
Pinpointing the killerIn which district does Jack the Ripper live?10
Relentless logicElementary...10
The killer's identityWho is Jack the Ripper?10
Complex caseThe last word.150


Charitable soulTreat the captain.30
CleverOpen the briefcase belonging to agent Humphries.10
DirectorReconstruct the hand movements of Polly Nichols's murderer.10
RationalFill in the deduction board.30
MethodicalReconstruct Walter Sickert's cane.10
PatientReconstruct the torn up reports.10
OrganisedFill in the timescale of the murder of Polly Nichols.10
Model pupilOpen the jar containing the heart.10
SkilfulUse the magnet to retrieve the lock pick.10
Eagle eyeRetrieve the amulet from under the floor.10
IngeniousAccess the first floor of the Finley lodgings.30
Snake charmerObtain the tanner's mask.30
HandymanRepair the gas leak.10
Logical mindFind the encyclopaedia of perfume.10
Sensitive noseSolve the puzzle of the perfume.10
StrategistEnter the police station unseen.30
Lock pickerPick the lock leading to the cells.10
Deciphering expertDecipher the coded message.10
TechnicianReconnect the cables on the goods lift.10
TenaciousAccess the barricaded room on the first floor.30
DexterousDismantle the combination lock.10
CoolBluff the crooks.30
CheekyObtain the clues by phone.10
HistorianOpen Tumblety's briefcase.10
ResourcefulObtain access to the butcher's shop.30
Analytical mindFill in the timescale of the double murder.10
ShrewdFind Sherlock some water.30
JournalistReplace the correct labels on the compartments.10
SurgeonFind the internal organ missing from the corpse.10
SnoopFind the correct file at the Imperial Club.10

Curious/Art lover/Crime doesn't pay/Dogged

  • Curious
      1. Wine Bottle
      2. Holme's Table
      3. Dancing Men Picture
      4. Bullet Holes on the wall
      5. Violin
      6. Bookcase
      7. Slipper on fireplace
      8. Photo on fireplace
      9. Coal Bucket
     10. Mail Spike
     11. Painting of Switzerland
     12. Harpoon above the door
  • Art lover
  • Crime doesn't pay
    abandoned apartmentにてガス漏れ修理後バッグを入手.中の宝石を金属プレートと入れ替えてBlutoへ渡すことで解除。
  • Dogged

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