Supreme Commander

項目数: 41
総ポイント: 1000

Finish UEF Campaign EasyFinish UEF Campaign Easy20
Finish Aeon Campaign EasyFinish Aeon Campaign Easy20
Finish Cybran Campaing EasyFinish Cybran Campaing Easy20
Finish UEF Campaign MediumFinish UEF Campaign Medium30
Finish Aeon Campaign MediumFinish Aeon Campaign Medium30
Finish Cybran Campaing MediumFinish Cybran Campaing Medium30
Finish UEF Campaign HardFinish UEF Campaign Hard40
Finish Aeon Campaign HardFinish Aeon Campaign Hard40
Finish Cybran Campaign HardFinish Cybran Campaign Hard40
Finish TutorialsFinish Tutorials20
Supreme Armourer1000 Ground Units Built10
Supreme Aeronaughtics1000 Air Units Built10
Supreme Shipwright1000 Sea Units Built10
Hail Storm1000 Air Kills10
Earthquake1000 Ground Kills10
Typhoon1000 Sea Kills10
Raiser500 Building Destroyed20
Economy of Scale: Power1,000,000 Energy Produced20
Economy of Scale: Mass1,000,000 Mass Extracted20
Economy of Grand Scale: Power100,000,000 Energy Produced30
Economy of Grand Scale: Mass100,000,000 Mass Extracted30
Cherry PickingBeat Easy AI Skirmish All Maps30
Holding Your OwnBeat Medium AI Skirmish All Maps30
To The GraveBeat Hard AI Skirmish All Maps30
Hunter KillerKilled 100 ACUs20
Supreme Engineer1000 Buildings Constructed10
DaVinciBuild 1 experimental unit for each Team10
Project X100 Experimental Units Created40
Nuclear Wind10 Nukes Fired10
Firestorm100 Nukes Fired20
Mouse trap100 Point Defense Turret Kills10
Fly Swatter100 AA Turret Kills10
Supreme AssasinWin on all Assasination Skirmish Maps any difficulty30
Supreme AnihiliatorWin on all Anihilate Skirmish Maps any difficulty30
King of the HillWin on all King of the Hill Maps any difficulty30
Controlling PresenceWin on all Control Point Maps any difficulty30
Battle CommanderWin 10 Multiplayer Games30
P.O.W.Capture 50 enemy units20
War of AttritionCapture 100 enemy units30
Theater of WarWin on all Multiplayer maps50
Supreme CommanderFinish all campaigns all difficulties60

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