There is no end to the level of corruption witihn FIFA. I am sure that also the Russians paid a handsome sum to Blatter and his henchmen to be awarded the 2018 world championship. Qatar is indeed a strange choice. It has no football history and as far as I know has never even participated in any football world championship. There is no reason to doubt the fact that Qatar got the WC because the President of FIFA and his friends got what they wanted, and more. Anyway, Russia and Qatar are not the only ones that bribe FIFA. So do Adidas, Budweiser, Hyundai and other companies. The money they pay for their status as official this or that of the WC, disappears directly into the pockets of Don Sepp and his consiglieri. I think it is time for a general clean-up of FIFA and I wholeheartedly support the initiative of Mr. Schalekamp and Mr. Zonneveld. [url=]geqdmocdixn[/url] [link=]hpilqohdgcc[/link]

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