Tale of Despereaux


Knight's PageComplete chapter 1.20
Tome RaiderComplete Chapter 2.20
Curtain RaiserComplete chapter 3.20
Brave MouseComplete chapter 4.20
GiftedComplete chapter 5.20
Runaway RodentComplete chapter 6.20
Surfer DudeComplete chapter 7.20
GladiatorComplete chapter 8.20
Tip-Toe-TopperComplete chapter 9.20
Master of DisguiseComplete chapter 10.20
Stair MasterComplete chapter 11.20
Bell RingerComplete chapter 12.20
Bridge ChampionComplete chapter 13.20
Rat CatcherComplete chapter 14.20
Lion TamerComplete chapter 15.20
Storybook HeroComplete the game.100
Cheese CollectorCollect all of the cheese in a chapter.20
Cheese HappyCollect all of the cheese in 8 chapters.30
Cheese CrazyCollect all of the cheese in every chapter.40
Top StudentReceive an "A" ranking in a chapter.20
Honor RollReceive an "A" ranking in 8 chapters.30
Head of ClassReceive an "A" ranking in every chapter.40
Combat SquirePurchase a combat move from Caravaggio.20
Combat MasteryPurchase every available combat move from Caravaggio.30
Soup LoverFind all 6 soup bowls in the game.40
Bull in a China ShopDestroy 1000 baskets or crates.20
Clean MolarsFind the toothpick weapon.20
HammererFind the nail weapon.20
CorkerFind the corkscrew weapon.20
LancerFind the needle weapon.20
Not a DentComplete a chapter without breaking any baskets or crates.20
Lactose IntolerantCollect less than 50 cheese in Chapter 12 or 13.30
Brave KnightDefeat 100 enemies.30
Cheese ConnoisseurCollect 1000 cheese.30
Button ScavengerCollect 1000 buttons.30
AcrobatComplete a chapter without a bad fall.30
Chef WannabeComplete a chapter while wearing the chef costume.30
Knight in Shining ArmorComplete a chapter while wearing the knight costume.30

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