The Smurfs 2



オフラインCoop実績「I'll Smurf the High road...」のために、コントローラーが2つ必要。

The Story Begins!Complete the first level. (Save file owner only)5
Like a Walk in the ParkComplete World 1. (Save file owner only)30
Smurf in the WoodsComplete World 2. (Save file owner only)30
The City that Never SmurfsComplete World 3. (Save file owner only)30
Smurf ExposureComplete World 4. (Save file owner only)30
Smurf and the VolcanoComplete World 5. (Save file owner only)30
Gargamel DownComplete World 6. (Save file owner only)30
Use your Smurf abilityUse your Special Power 15 times in one level.10
Coin Collector SmurfCollect 50 Smurf Coins. (Save file owner only)50
Gotta Smurf them AllCollect all 100 Smurf Coins. (Save file owner only)100
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty...When Azrael is pawing inside the cabinet for Smurfs, give him one of Jokey's presents instead.25
I'll Smurf the High road...Finish a level with another player.25
A Friendly game of Leap SmurfFree The Cursed Frog without getting hit.30
Smurf of the Round TableUse one crown to free at least 10 Animal Friends.30
Smurf, SMASH!Break 100 destructible blocks. (Save file owner only)15
Smurf me if you canDefeat Azreal without getting hit.30
Not so NaughtiesDefeat Hackus and Vexi without getting hit.30
Un-Bear-ableFree The Polar Bear without getting hit.30
Smurf From the AshesFree the Phoenix without getting hit.30
Magician SmurfDefeat Gargamel without getting hit.30
Feeling blueStay in one True Blue for 30 seconds.30
Truly BlueGo True Blue in every level. (Save file owner only)30
It Takes a Lot of Guts!Use Gutsy Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.30
I Hate Special Moves!Use Grouchy Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.30
Ain't no accident!Use Clumsy Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.30
Advanced Alchemy!Use Papa Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.30
And as Papa Smurf always says...Use Brainy Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.30
I got you a present!Use Jokey Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.30
You smurfed with the wrong girl!Use Smurfette's skill 20 times in one level.30
I never met a curl I didn't likeUse Hefty Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.30
So Smurfy it Hurts!Use Vanity Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.30
Do no SmurfPlay a level and free no Animal Friends.50


  • Coin Collector Smurf / Gotta Smurf them All
    ステージに存在する、特定のコインへの道を塞いでいる青いブロックはWorld 5をクリアすれば消滅する。
  • I'll Smurf the High road...
  • Truly Blue
    とはいえ、よほど敵を無視しまくるプレイをしない限りは通常プレイで「True Blue」状態には容易に達する。

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