Tornado Outbreak



Green Eggs And…Complete Chicken Con Carnage20
Taking Out The TrashComplete Double Wide Damage.20
Tanks For The CleanupComplete Military Mayhem20
Winner Winner Chicken DinnerComplete High Roller Blowout20
Coaster ToasterComplete Carnival Chaos20
Just-In-Time Tea-TimeComplete Ringling Village20
Chivalry is DeadComplete Camelot Falls20
Tsunami EnvyComplete Coastal Calamity20
Mix Masta PouncePerform a Stone Stomp that destroys 10 objects20
Adequate StormComplete a Vortex Race with a bronze medal.10
Moderate StormComplete a Vortex Race with a silver medal.20
Perfect StormComplete a Vortex Race with a gold medal.30
Ginormous SlalomMiss 20 gates, but still complete the race30
Apt PupilAbsorb all 50 Fire Flyers within the last zone of the campground20
Passive AggressiveReveal 15 Fire Flyers at once without grabbing30
Sprite Slaughter HouseAbsorb 100 Fire Flyers at once100
Sprite CowboyAbsorb 75 Fire Flyers at once50
Sprite HerderAbsorb 50 Fire Flyers at once25
Played NicePlay in a local multiplayer session20
Friends Till An EndRelease an Orb in multiplayer30
The Boss's BossRelease an Orb without losing a Wind Warrior during a Totem approach30
FirenadoAbsorb 1300 Fire Flyers50
Old McDonaldAbsorb 50 chickens5
Tornado Without A CauseDestroyed 100 things without absorbing any Fire Flyers40
SlackerAbsorb the minimum number of Fire Flyers in a non-tutorial level (non multiplayer)20
Silent But DeadlyMilitary Mayhem Zone 1: Absorb 17 scientists before growing 4 times (non multiplayer)40
Who Are You Trying To Please?Hold at least 20 Fire Flyers before destroying 25 things40
You're A Loose CannonDestroy a cannon5
There's WaldoUnlock first bonus material5
Waldo's DaddyUnlock all bonus materials30

Secret Achievements

Godzilla Would be ProudCompleted Showdown with Omegaton20
Red, White, And BruisedCompleted all levels in the United States.30
God save the Queen!Completed all levels in the United Kingdom.40
A Bad PlanDisrupted the bad man's bad plan50

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