Victorious: Time to Shine

項目数: 42
総ポイント: 1000

Kinect 専用。
コンプまで 5 時間程度。

Class DismissedComplete "You're the Reason" - Acting10
Andre's got nothing on you!Complete "You're the Reason" - Music10
Hitting the High NotesComplete "You're the Reason" - Singing10
Strut Your StuffComplete "You're the Reason" - Dance10
Make it ShineComplete "You're the Reason" - Music Video10
Rising ActorComplete all Acting Performances25
Rock and RollComplete all Music Performances25
Lead VocalsComplete all Singing Performances25
Sweet MovesComplete all Dancing Performances25
Video StarComplete all Music Video Performances25
I'm Having VisionsFully evolve Sikowitz's classroom15
How Romantic!Fully evolve Maestro's Restaurant15
Totally RadFully evolve the Hollywood Arts locker hall15
Ticket to RideFully evolve the carnival15
CHICAGOOOFully evolve the Blackbox Theater15
Mystery MeatFully evolve the Asphalt Cafe15
Sell Out CrowdFully evolve Karaoke Doki15
A-list ActorComplete all Acting Performances with all Gold Stars25
Super StarComplete all Music Performances with all Gold Stars25
Golden VoiceComplete all Singing Performances with all Gold Stars25
Mega TalentComplete all Dancing Performances with all Gold Stars25
VictoriousComplete all Performances with Gold Stars50
Welcome to Hollywood ArtsCreate your character10
FashionistaChange clothes for the first time10
Heads UpCollect all the head items15
Ohhh Pretty!Collect all the upper body outfits35
How Do I Look?Collect all the leg outfits35
Never Enough ShoesCollect all the shoes35
Closet ExpansionCollect all wardrobe items60
Bird SceneComplete an Acting Performance without missing a pose50
Disco Forever!Finish a Music Video Performance and trigger all cues50
PerfectionistComplete any Performance with 1,000,000 points90
Ready, Set, Act!Play a game of Multiplayer Competitive Acting15
Pose WarriorsPlay a game of Multiplayer Co-op Acting15
Dueling BanjosPlay a game of Multiplayer Competitive Music15
Perfect HarmonyPlay a game of Multiplayer Co-op Music15
Dance OffPlay a game of Multiplayer Competitive Dance15
Synchronized DancePlay a game of Multiplayer Co-op Dance15


The Slap!A cast member showed you their video of you!10
You Go, Dude!Selected the male character10
5 AliveFinished "I Want You Back"10
Show Off...Scored a Gold Star in any Dance Performance without using the Helper Wheel60

シングルで曲を上から順にやる。全 7 曲。
Performances は上から開放されていくのでゴールドを取りつつ全部やる。
ゴールドの点数は 600,000。

  • Perfectionist
    • Sing で Kinect にゲーム自身の音を聞かせれば簡単。
  • "Fully evolve" x7
    • 各曲の Music Video をアンロックしたら解除。
  • 5 Alive
    • Credits で流れる曲をクリア。
  • Show Off...
    • Option で Helper Wheel を消した状態で Dance でゴールド獲得。

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