WWE 2K14


History is created!WWE Universe - Cash in Money in the Bank and win using a Custom Superstar (Single player).15
Mr. Money in the BankWWE Universe - Win Money in the Bank using a Custom Superstar (Single player).30
A once in a lifetime eventWWE Universe - Complete a WrestleMania match using a Custom Superstar (Single player).40
A Superstar is born!WWE Universe - Win a match using a Custom Superstar (Single player).15
Comeback!Successfully perform a Comeback Move (Single player).20
A winning combination!Use a wake-up taunt, land a Finisher, and immediately Pin your opponent (Single player).20
Fighting smartAttack the same body part using Limb Targeting 10 times in a single match (Single player).20
Reached the ropes!Crawl to the ropes during a submission (Single player).30
Oh my!Break the Announce Table with an OMG Move (Single player).20
This is my yard!Play a match in an arena created in Create-An-Arena mode.15
Invincible manWin at least 20 matches on Hard difficulty or higher in Universe or Play Mode (Single player).50
A fresh beginningPlay in an Xbox Live match (Player match/Ranked match).15
A winner is you!Win 10 ranked matches.50
Woo Woo Woo!!!Create a Custom Superstar that is set up with a social account.15
One of a Kind SuperstarCreate a Custom Superstar that uses a Superstar head.15
Entrance DesignerCreate a Custom Entrance that includes a prop.15
Legend KillerDefeat the Streak - Defeat Undertaker.30
Rest in peaceUnlock all of the WrestleMania match photos in Defeat The Streak.50
The DeadmanDefend the Streak - Defeat 10 Superstars in a single match.20
The Demon of Death ValleyDefend the Streak - Defeat 30 Superstars in a single match.40
Hulkamania Runs WildComplete chapter 1 in 30 Years of WrestleMania.15
A New GenerationComplete chapter 2 in 30 Years of WrestleMania.15
The Attitude EraComplete chapter 3 in 30 Years of WrestleMania.15
Ruthless AggressionComplete chapter 4 in 30 Years of WrestleMania.15
The Universe EraComplete chapter 5 in 30 Years of WrestleMania.15
WrestleMania!Complete all historical objectives in 30 Years of WrestleMania.30
Sudden death30 Years of WM - WM 12 - Bret Hart vs. HBK - Reach the time limit with no winner.15
But he still didn't give up!30 Years of WM - Complete all of the Hidden Objectives in WM13.15
Final impact30 Years of WM - WM 17 - The Rock vs. Stone Cold - Hit a critically damaged Rock with a chair.15
The Big Red MonsterEliminate 11 opponents with the same Superstar in a single Royal Rumble match (Single player).20
Finish Them!Perform an OMG "Shell Shocked" (Single player).20
Feed me more!Win at least 50 matches on Hard difficulty or higher in Universe or Play Mode (Single player).50
Hall of painDefeat a total of 10 opponents by K.O. (Single player).20
Excuse me!WWE Universe - Establish a rivalry.15


Watch out!Successfully reverse a Finisher (Single player).20
It's like a car crash!Break the barricade in 2 places in the same match (Single player).20
You can't let down your guardLand a Catch or Catapult Finisher (Single Player).30
Epic MatchDefeat the Streak - Kick out of a Pin from Undertaker 5 times in a single match.50
The PhenomDefend The Streak - Play a Defend The Streak match to its natural conclusion, win or lose.15
Lord of DarknessDefend the Streak - Defeat 50 Superstars in a single match.50
For All Hulkamaniacs30 Years of WM - WM 9 - Hogan vs. Yokozuna - Win the match.15

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