Zumba Fitness: Join the Party


Salsa SizzleComplete all Salsa Tutorials10
Beto ShufflerComplete Zumbathon® Class on Medium Difficulty30
Zumbathon® HeroComplete Zumbathon® Class on Hard Difficulty40
Warmup SessionComplete all 20 Minute Classes (8 Total: 2 Beg, 3 Int, 3 Exp)30
Zumba HeroComplete all 45 Minute Intermediate Classes (6 Total)30
Alpha Beto CapperComplete all 45 Minute Expert Classes (5 Total)30
Zumba MasterComplete all Zumba Classes (19 Classes Total)40
Mind-blowing MovesComplete all Single Routines (30 Total)30
Drastic DancerAchieve 20 Consecutive "Feeling the Music" Moves20
Club HopperAchieve Full Stage Progression in Nightclub10
Join the Party!Achieve 10 Consecutive "Hearing the Music" Moves10
You're a MachineAchieve Full Stage Progression in Factory10
SkyscraperAchieve Full Stage Progression in Rooftop10
HeadlinerAchieve Full Stage Progression in Stadium10
AfterglowAchieve a Score of 500 or Higher in an offline, single-player game30
Challenge ChampWin a Zumba Attack20
Party ProWin a 2P vs 2P Workout20
Merengue MasterComplete all Merengue Tutorials10
Goals TenderCustomize a Calendar Day10
Personal TimeSave a Customized Recurring Week10
Zumbafied!Dance Online with 50 Different People30
Great Start!Complete 5 Workouts10
Exhilarating!Complete 10 Workouts20
Energizing!Complete 25 Workouts30
Awe-Inspiring!Complete 50 Workouts40
Zumba EnthusiastComplete Workouts 5 Days in a Row20
Zumba FanaticComplete Workouts 10 Days in a Row30
You're Hooked!Complete 100 Workouts50
ZumbatomicComplete Workouts 30 Days in a Row50
Instructor in TrainingHost an Online Class and Complete the Workout10
Zumba ManiacJoin an Online Class and Complete the Workout10
Everybody Dance NowHost 10 Online Single Routines and Complete the Routines10
Getting Hooked UpJoin 10 Online Single Routines and Complete the Routines10
Cardio CompanionsHost 10 Online Classes and Complete the Workouts10
Reggaeton RouserComplete all Reggaeton Tutorials10
Dance Dance DanceJoin 10 Online Classes and Complete the Workouts20
Net WorkoutDance Online with 20 Different People10
Addicted to Zumba!Dance Online with 100 Different People50
Bellydance BumpComplete all Belly Dance Tutorials10
Calypso Cruisin'Complete all Calypso Tutorials10
Cumbia Crackin'Complete all Cumbia Tutorials10
Zumba StarterComplete "Learn the Moves" Mode30
Are you Ready?Complete all Beginner Classes on the Punchcard (2 Total)10
ZumbaliciousComplete all Intermediate Classes on the Punchcard (4 Total)10
Master Jammer ExtremeComplete Zumbathon® Class on Easy Difficulty20
Feel the Heat!Complete all Expert Classes on the Punchcard (4 Total)20
Sky DancerUnlock the Rooftop Venue10
Master JammerUnlock Zumbathon® Class20
Steel TimeUnlock the Factory Venue10
Super StardomUnlock the Stadium Venue10

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